Indonesian President named for religious freedom prize

if every form of: life: not: be able to be "purified" by the atomic fire, for: to be: at: across the planet, the only Satanists-Masons, who, it will be refugees in the underground cities of USA: and: Norway, but, for: the will of God, will be able to survive, approximately 1 billion: of: people, Islam: who will be given the blame: the world war, and the destruction of: Israel. will be done: ban: Islam: such as: Nazism? so is not: there is more: no future for: Islam, if not: through, my love: here's why: the: NATO: IMF, CIA with their Satanism, the Masonic system of the Pharisees: they have enabled Islamists. of: kill: so many innocent Christians, and they replaced: Muslims, at power: through: the Islamists .. that's why no one can say to the Pharisees, "You're wrong!" in fact: is: true: that: the Islamists must to die: and that, they are worse than Nazism itself.

666GiudaicoMassonica, 666: Jewish: Masonic: said: @ Saudi Arabia - we all agree: in saying that God is: love, justice, mercy, truth, equality, and: no value: it can become scarce in God, who has all the virtues: so infinite and eternal . So much so, that: we can say, "God is: the beauty!" .. However, in an ideological way: no one is: blackberries: full: of: Nazism: hypocrisy, hatred, wickedness, blackberries: the Pharisees (goyim), the Islamists (dhimmi): Hindus (untouchables), such as: in fact, not: are: a religion: but: an imperialism: that is: a true Satanism: for: the violent conquest of the world. but not: is: what, God has shown of: be: through natural law: that: is: free will .. because God has said: 1. NATURE 2. One word: his name to Moses, and, 3. wrote: with his fist, twice: the 10 commandments,

which: are the externalization "of the natural law," everything: so that: is: in contradiction with this? is: an absolute crime. 666GiudaicoMassonica, 666: Jewish: Masonic: said:[@ ARAB LEAGUE: with Sharia law? you have become: a cock in the ass of: Islamists, against: all peoples!] thou not: know shit! how, you can do evil to innocent Christian martyrs, etc. .then. Satanists? are of the best: you! in one man, there are elements that are very complex: collected: in: Spirit, Soul and: body! and: for God is: eternal life, then, all that is: the NATURE of God, is: infinitely vital because: all the universes, and: all: Dimensions: that: are dynamically created by God, in continuously, not: are suitable to explain the complexity, and the simplicity: that is, the units of the same:

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infinite love, and: the following: continually in its path. God therefore has a name, for: 1. the element blackberries: small, a name, to: 2. the element blackberries: large, a name, to: 3. the element blackberries: the complex. yet, only God has the BE, because his creatures: they can "exist" only, in the continuous flow of his love. how you can kill people for: your religious crap? 666GiudaicoMassonica, 666: Jewish: Masonic: said:and so, I may be: a model replicable: for: all men? (Every man is: a King, why is: made to: IMAGE of God) I have done: and pacts with God: for God YHWH, he is: a very serious guy: and: respectful, I'm sure : that: meets its terms with me .. I asked: of: not: have: no: charisma, supernatural phenomenon, then, my only strength: it should be: pure rationality!

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[i peccati non sono un impedimento: per il miracolo! I miracoli esistono, lo assicura Papa Francesco testimone oculare diretto di un caso]. PER APPROFONDIRE: Francesco, preghiera, miracoli, guarigione, Chiesa, fede, papa francesco: di Franca Giansoldati. CITTÀ DEL VATICANO - I miracoli esistono. Parola di Papa Bergoglio che alla messa celebrata a Santa Marta stamattina ha raccontato ai presenti di essere stato testimone diretto di un evento prodigioso. L'episodio è avvenuto in Argentina, alcuni anni fa: «Mi ricordo una cosa successa nel santuario di Luján» dedicato alla Madonna. Una bambina di sette anni si era ammalata gravemente e i medici non trovavano alcuna soluzione. Anzi, la piccola andava peggiorando sempre di più, sino a quando, una sera, il primario dell'ospedale comunicò ai genitori,che, purtroppo, non, c'era più niente da fare e che le rimanevano poche ore di vita.

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[i peccati non sono un impedimento: per il miracolo! I miracoli esistono, lo assicura Papa Francesco testimone oculare diretto di un caso]. «Il padre, che era un elettricista, un uomo di fede, sembrava diventato come pazzo dal dolore. E sospinto da quella pazzia quella sera prese l'autobus per recarsi al santuario di Luján, due ore e mezzo strada, oltre settanta chilometri di distanza da Buenos Aires», dove arrivò a notte fonda e si trovò tutto chiuso. «E lui ha cominciato a pregare con le mani aggrappate al cancello di ferro. Pregava e piangeva. è rimasto così tutta la notte. Pregava e piangeva». Papa Bergoglio nel suo racconto ha spiegato che quell'uomo stava lottando con Dio. «Lottava proprio con Dio per la guarigione della sua bambina». Alle sei di mattina, sfinito, si recò al terminal per riprendere il bus e tornare indietro. «È arrivato all'ospedale alle nove, più o meno.

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[i peccati non sono un impedimento: per il miracolo! I miracoli esistono, lo assicura Papa Francesco testimone oculare diretto di un caso]. Ha trovato la moglie che piangeva e ha pensato al peggio: cosa è successo? Non capisco. Cosa è successo? Sono venuti i dottori, gli ha risposto la moglie, e mi hanno detto che la febbre è scomparsa, respira bene, non c'è niente. La terranno ancora solo due giorni. Ma non capiscono quello che è successo». Insomma un miracolo. Perché — ha commentato il Papa — i miracoli ci sono. «Ma serve la preghiera! Una preghiera coraggiosa, che, lotta per arrivare a quel miracolo, non quelle preghiere per cortesia: Ah, io pregherò per te! Poi un Pater Noster, un'Ave Maria e mi dimentico. No!

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[i peccati non sono un impedimento: per il miracolo! I miracoli esistono, lo assicura Papa Francesco testimone oculare diretto di un caso]. Ci vuole una preghiera coraggiosa, come quella di Abramo, che, lottava con il Signore per salvare la città; come, quella di Mosè, che, pregava con le mani in alto e si stancava pregando il Signore; come quella di tanta gente che ha fede e con la fede prega, prega».

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[@lega araba -- sorry, ma qualcuno: potrebbe pensare: che, voi avete dei gravi problemi psicologici?] 18:38. 20 mag. In Turchia 666 donne uccise in 4 anni. Rapporto ministro famiglia, ma per ong sono stime sottovalutate. 18:33. 20 mag. Iraq: 85 morti in violenze ultime 24 ore. Circa 230 i feriti. Maliki annuncia cambio vertici sicurezza. 18:29. 20 mag. Gb: negata liberta'vigilata a Abu Qatada. Giudici, scarcerazione costituirebbe rischio sicurezza nazionale. 15:40. 20 mag. Iraq:nuovo attentato a Baghdad, 12 morti. In quartiere sciita, 63 vittime da ieri sera in attentati. 15:39. 20 mag. Libia: attacco a sito gas Mellitah. Impianto gestito da società mista con partecipazione Eni. 17:05. 20 mag. Siria: frustati da jihadisti in pubblico. Condannati per 'condotta immorale' da corte islamica

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05/18/2012. [INDONESIA. Muslim extremists throw stones and urine at Bekasi Christians by"no comment!" said: King Saudi Arabia]. The Filadelfia HKBP community met yesterday to celebrate the Ascension of the Lord. A mob attacked them, interrupting the religious service, which police failed to protect. Last week, a Christian journalist was beaten up for his faith. Jakarta (AsiaNews) - A mob of Muslim extremists attacked a praying house that belongs to the Filadelfia Christian Protestant Batak Church (HKBP), Bekasi, on the outskirts of Jakarta (West Java). Despite the intervention of the police, the 300 and more attackers threw stones and urine-filled bags at the walls of the building, interrupting yesterday's service celebrating the Ascension of the Lord. This is nothing new. Just last week, a group of hooligans brutally assaulted a local Christian journalist.

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05/18/2012. [INDONESIA. Muslim extremists throw stones and urine at Bekasi Christians by"no comment!" said: King Saudi Arabia]. In February, local extremists disrupted a religious service with loudspeakers and shouts (see picture and YouTube video) In yesterday's incident, attackers threw stones and urine-filled bags, shouting anti-Christian slogans and insults, forcing worshippers to stop five minutes into the Ascension service. HKBP members eventually left the site for security reasons and went home. Reached by AsiaNews this afternoon, Rev Palti H. Panjaitan Sth, head of the Filadelfia HKBP community, explained that his congregation has faced problems in worshipping freely since 2006. The community has existed since April 2000, when a group of ethnic Batak Christians set up their own independent congregation.

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05/18/2012. [INDONESIA. Muslim extremists throw stones and urine at Bekasi Christians by"no comment!" said: King Saudi Arabia]. Since they did not have a 'praying house' of their own, they initially worshipped in private dwellings. However, as the community grew-it is about 1,500 at present-it became increasingly necessary to build a real place of worship. This, however, sparked a legal battle. After three years of legal wrangling over the building permit (known by its notorious Indonesian acronym IMB), an administrative court in West Java recognised the Christians' legitimate right to build a church. The Supreme Court also ruled in their favour.

05/18/2012. [INDONESIA. Muslim extremists throw stones and urine at Bekasi Christians by"no comment!" said: King Saudi Arabia]. Yet the obstinate opposition by Bekasi authorities and local Muslim extremists, in violation of the law, brought the project to a standstill on several occasions and could ultimately derail it. As in the case of the Yasmin Church in Bogor, also in West Java, members of the HKBP Filadelfia Church have no option, for now, but to celebrate their rites and services in private homes or in the street, which brings the risk of being attacked and insulted.

05/20/2013. INDONESIA [Indonesian President named for religious freedom prize: from nazi sharia of Saudi imperialism. Anger and indignation of minorities! 666 CIA IMF said: "no, comment"] As fresh anti-Ahmadi violence breaks out, presidential spokesperson says Yudhoyono protects religious freedom. Extremists target an East Java mosque used by Muslim "heretics". The presidency and minority leaders continue to spar after a Jesuit priest and philosopher who wrote an open letter is accused of stirring sectarian tensions and portraying the country in a bad light. Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Fresh sectarian violence broke out in Indonesia, involving once again the Ahmadi Muslim minority, deemed heretical by mainstream Muslims because it does not recognise Muhammad as the last prophet and has, for this reason, become the victim of persecution and abuse by Sunnis.

05/20/2013. INDONESIA [Indonesian President named for religious freedom prize: from nazi sharia of Saudi imperialism. Anger and indignation of minorities! 666 CIA IMF said: "no, comment"] The latest incident took place a few days ago. It involves the Baitul Salam Mosque in the village of Gempolan, Pakel sub-district, East Java province, and follows a similar one in early May in West Java, where Ahmadi homes and mosque were attacked. Episodes of this kind have fuelled a controversy over an award given to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for his role in defending religious freedom, something strongly disputed by Catholic leaders and leaders of other minorities. The incident in question began when a mob of hundreds of extremists attacked the Baitul Salam Mosque, throwing stones and other objects against the building, causing major damage.

05/20/2013. INDONESIA [Indonesian President named for religious freedom prize: from nazi sharia of Saudi imperialism. Anger and indignation of minorities! 666 CIA IMF said: "no, comment"] Ostensibly, the attack was caused by a dispute between the head of the local Ahmadi community and leaders of neighbouring villages. The head of the "heretical" minority had in fact rejected demands that he stop worship services and spreading the Ahmadi ideology. Such sectarian incidents have also caused tensions between the leaders of the country's minorities and government officials in Jakarta with regards to an award given to the Indonesian President for his role in protecting religious freedom. A presidential spokesperson reacted with harsh words to the criticism voiced by Fr Franz Magnis Suseno, a philosopher and Jesuit priest, in a letter he sent to the Appeal of Conscience Foundation (ACF), criticisng their decision to give President Yudhoyono the World Statesman Award.

05/20/2013. INDONESIA [Indonesian President named for religious freedom prize: from nazi sharia of Saudi imperialism. Anger and indignation of minorities! 666 CIA IMF said: "no, comment"] In his statement, Julian Aldrin Pasha accused the Catholic religious of stirring sectarian tensions and spreading negative views about the highest office holder in the land. Instead, the award was given in recognition of the "good things [the president has] done to promote peace, confessional harmony and democracy." Still, despite the presidential spokesperson's shrill accusations, facts speak louder than words as religious minorities continue to be the target of violence. Increasingly, people are of the opinion that Yudhoyono's "empty words and statements" are rarely followed up with real action to protect religious freedom and minorities.

08/02/2012, [saudi arabia imperialism: EGYPT Nazi666Allah: no comment! ] Cairo, 100 Coptic families flee after clashes between Christians and Muslims . Clashes occurred in Dahshur, a village 40 km south of Cairo. Tensions triggered by a dispute between a Copt and a Muslim, leaving one person dead. Dozens of Christian homes burned and the local church damaged, defended by some Muslim families. Police inertia unveiled in a video. Cairo (AsiaNews) - About 100 Christian families have fled from the village of Dahshur (Giza), 40 km south of Cairo after recent violence between the Coptic and Muslim communities. Yesterday, a group of Muslims set fire to several Christian homes and shops and even tried to set fire to the local church. The police intervened with tear gas. In the clashes 16 people were injured, including 10 officers.

[saudi arabia imperialism: EGYPT Nazi666Allah: no comment! ] The group was returning from the funeral of a Muslim who died during a brawl with some Christians took place on July 27. Sources from Giza Diocese report that Coptic families have now left the village for fear of new attacks. The case of Dahshour is the first serious incident of violence between Christians and Muslims since the election of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. The tensions erupted last July 27. The pastor of the parish Mari Gerges (Saint George) in Dahshur, Fr. Takla, says that on that day, Ahmed Ramadan went to Sameh Sami's laundrette (makwagi), to collect his shirts. One short had been accidently burned. At Ahmad's protest, Sameh offered to pay for it and the two made an appointment to meet that evening after iftar meal that breaks the daily fast. Ahmed arrived that the evening, but not alone.

[saudi arabia imperialism: EGYPT Nazi666Allah: no comment! ] He was accompanied by several hundred people, armed with knives, guns and Molotov cocktails. Sameh closed his shop and ran into his house for protection, where his father and brother were. The attackers fired shots and launched Molotov cocktails. One of these failed to explode, Sameh through it back at his attackers. Unfortunately it exploded near Mo'adh Hasaballah, who was badly burned. He was brought to a hospital in Cairo. The crowd went wild. They attacked the family (father and two children) and another Christian, and burned the houses of Christians. Firefighters could not reach the burning houses because of the crowd. Many Christian houses and shops were destroyed.

[saudi arabia imperialism: EGYPT Nazi666Allah: no comment! ] Meanwhile, yesterday morning Mo'edh died in hospital. A "bearded" (a Muslim brother or a Salafist) warned Christians that in the evening (yesterday), after the funeral, they would return and would burned the church and all Christian homes, killing people at will. Some 120 Christian families fled fearing a massacre. Meanwhile, Sameh Sami, his father and brother were arrested on charges of "manslaughter". "As usual in Egypt - comments a believer - the victim, a Copt, is put in jail." 22 year-old university student Sayed Hamam from Dahshour, explains that the man's family, law enforcement and the Christian pastor is trying to find a compromise to restore calm in the village.

[saudi arabia imperialism: EGYPT Nazi666Allah: no comment! ] Sayed said that the young employee of the dry cleaner, his father and brother were immediately arrested for illegal possession of explosives and premeditated murder. Five Muslims, believed responsible for violence against the Copts homes, are being hunted by police. According to the youngman, the violence also erupted due to the inertia of the security forces, which did nothing to stop the fires and looting. 03/10/2011 EGYPT Cairo, Al-Azhar condemns violence against Christians 03/14/2011 EGYPT Military rebuilding Coptic church destroyed by Muslims 05/20/2013 EGYPT Egypt, more attacks on Coptic Orthodox community, two churches set on fire

[saudi arabia imperialism: EGYPT Nazi666Allah: no comment! ] The pastor of Dahshour says that the police intervened after almost an hour into the fighting, by which time most of the buildings were burned and Christian families fled. The Egyptian police are often accused of not intervening or complicity with Muslim violence. A video posted some time ago on Youtube demonstrates an attack on a church in Aswan (see: 05/10/2011 Attacks against Coptic churches, part of a plan to expel Egypt's Christians). The video shows the violence of Muslims and the impotence of the police (for the video click here).

[ 05/20/2013 EGYPT: sharia: genocide: worldwide caliphate.. no comment! ] Egypt, more attacks on Coptic Orthodox community, two churches set on fire. The two attacks targeted the church of St. Mary in a suburb of Alexandria and that of the small village of Menpal in Upper Egypt. In subsequent clashes one person died following a heart attack. Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The Egyptian Coptic community faces a new escalation of attacks by Islamists. On 17 May, two churches were attacked with Molotov cocktails in the district of Dakhela, west of Alexandria, Egypt, and Menpal in Upper Egypt. In Alexandria over 20 thousand Muslims attacked the church of St. Mary setting fire to the entrance of the building and shattering windows. A man died of a heart attack in the attack. In response to the violence, hundreds of Copts left their homes to create a human wall around the building.

[ 05/20/2013 EGYPT: sharia: genocide: worldwide caliphate.. no comment! ] According to witnesses some Islamists armed with pistols and knives fired on the crowd, causing some injuries. At the origin of the clashes is a dispute between two neighbors. Basem Ramzy Michael, a Coptic Christian, is reported to have behaved inappropriately towards the sister of Alloshy Hamada, a Muslim with a criminal record. In a short time the dispute between the two erupted into a sectarian clash. A similar incident occurred last May 13, in the village of Menbal, Matay district, north of the province of Minya, where a Muslim mob stormed the church called the Tadros el-Mashreki and assaulted one person inside. The assailants threw stones at the building, looted Christian shops nearby and burned cars. The Coptic minority has been threatened with expulsion from the village.

[ 05/20/2013 EGYPT: sharia: genocide: worldwide caliphate.. no comment! ] Once again the violence was sparked by a trivial quarrel between two young people. Some young Muslims are reported to have made advances to a group of Coptic girls, as they entered the church. Irritated at having been ignored the group waited for the young Christian girls to leave the Church and threw bags filled with urine at them. The young people were rescued by some Christians peers who have started a heated argument with Muslims. As in other cases, the news spread across the village. In a short time a crowd of Islamists rallied in front of the church, forcing young people to take refuge inside. Ehab Ramzy, a Coptic Christian, prosecutor in the province and former member of parliament, said Menbal has a Muslim majority, while Manshiet Menbal, 10 kilometers away, has Coptic majority.

[ 05/20/2013 EGYPT: sharia: genocide: worldwide caliphate.. no comment! ] "The Christians of the two villages - he explains - have nothing to do with the fight that took place in Manshiet Menbal. The young people were attacked just because they are Christian." Two young Muslim men were arrested by police in Menbal. In the coming days there will be a reconciliation meeting between the two communities. "Now - he adds - the security forces are trying to arrest some young Copts. They have become a bargaining chip to seek reconciliation." AsiaNews sources underline that the attacks against the Coptic community are now a daily occurrence and are being ignored by the police, who because of the climate of chaos, let communities resolve disputes among themselves, although this can result in dead or wounded.

[ 05/20/2013 EGYPT: sharia: genocide: worldwide caliphate.. no comment! ] The most serious incident took place on April 7 in front of the Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo, where a group of Islamists attacked funerals of four Christians killed in sectarian clashes that took place on April 5 in the district of Khosous, on the outskirts of the capital, with stones and Molotov cocktails. The assault, which took place before the eyes of the police, left two dead and over 80 injured. A church building caught fire.
@ Zapatero, google youtube, 322 Kerry, 187AUDIOHOSTEM IIlIIlllI IIIIWotanIIII IHateNEWLAYOUT CIA Bush: NWO, Rothschild IMF 666, - [exorcism] lol. eih boys, who, you say, if you start, to spew shit from your mouth? lol. --[esorcismo] eih ragazzi, che, dite, se, voi cominciate a vomitare merda dalla bocca? lol.

[ Esperti: "Il Papa ieri ha fatto un esorcismo": ma, senza esorcismo, e miracoli? il Vangelo non può essere compreso! comunque, io sono soltanto un politico] Alla trasmissione "Vade Retro" di Tv2000: "è accaduto al termine della messa di Pentecoste: su un malato in Piazza San Pietro".[  TGCOM24 ] 22:11 - Alcuni esorcisti sostengono, che, ieri, al termine della messa di Pentecoste in Piazza San Pietro, papa Francesco, imponendo le mani sulla testa di un malato, abbia fatto una preghiera di liberazione: dal demonio o un vero e proprio esorcismo. Questi esperti, parlando alla trasmissione "Vade Retro" di Tv2000, l'emittente della Cei, nella puntata di venerdì prossimo, affermano di: non: aver dubbi sulla natura del gesto del Pontefice. Il Papa stende le mani sul capo del ragazzo pregando intensamente - è successo nei pressi dell'Arco delle Campane. Poco dopo aver terminato la celebrazione della messa,

[ Esperti: "Il Papa ieri ha fatto un esorcismo": ma, senza esorcismo, e miracoli? il Vangelo non può essere compreso! comunque, io sono soltanto un politico] Papa Francesco si avvia, come al solito, verso i malati che hanno assistito al rito. Il Pontefice si avvicina ad un ragazzo. Il sacerdote, che, lo accompagna lo presenta al Papa con qualche parola che non si riesce a cogliere. Ma l'espressione di Francesco cambia improvvisamente. Il Papa appare pensoso e concentrato e stende le mani sul giovane pregando intensamente, mentre, il ragazzo spalanca la bocca. "Gli esorcisti, che, hanno visto le immagini non hanno dubbi: si è trattato di una preghiera di liberazione, dal Maligno, o di un vero e proprio esorcismo", fa sapere Tv2000. --ANSWER-- che c'è di strano? voi avete visto troppi film di terrore, in realtà l'esorcismo non è pericoloso per il sacerdote!

@ Benjamin Netanyahu - too many people: are committing suicide: into the world for this scam of the Pharisees: the International Monetary Fund: 1. bankING seigniorage, 2. public debt, 3. fractional reserve! too many lives: they are lost! of: all of them, God will ask you to politicians: the income terrible! the time has come, that monetary sovereignty must be returned to the Governments, at any cost, but must be done! However, I can handle all of this to prevent anarchy .. In fact, I am Unius REI. 1000: problems were been designed: in, by the NWO Cabal 666, to distract you from this problem, which is the mother of all evil

@Benjamin Netanyahu -- troppe persone: si stanno suicidando: nel mondo: per questa truffa dei farisei: sul fondo monetario internazionale: 1. signoraggio bancario, 2. debito pubblico; 3. riserva frazionaria! troppe vite: sono andate perdute! di tutte loro: Dio chiederà: a voi politici: il conto terribile! è arrivato il momento, che, la sovranità monetaria deve essere restituita ai Governi, costi quello che costi, ma, deve essere fatto! tuttavia, io posso gestire tutto questo per impedire l'anarchia.. infatti, io sono Unius REI. sono stati progettati 1000 problemi, dalla Cabala del NWO 666, per fare distrarre da questo problema PRINCIPALE, che, è la madre di ogni malvagità

Israel, for the freeze: of his: bank account: man kills: 4 hostages, then killed himself. Tragedy in a branch of Hapoalim bank: of Beer Sheva (in the Negev): a man: has shot to dead: four people: with: a gunshot to the head. The bomber had problems with: mortgage payment: e: the bill in red - ANSWER - @ BENJAMIN NETANYAHU - you can not pay: 250%:((ie, ancillary costs, for mortgage insurance, practice, mediation, notary, agency,)) of its value: a mortgage: for: "fractional reserve" to banking, that is, the money: that: Rothschild MFI has created out of nothing, like God, because, that, means, they (all Peoples) have become, his slaves, this is something that you can only read in the Bible of Satan this: of the bank seigniorage? makes incompatible, for you politicians, of: can enter: in the Kingdom of God