you are a jew boy with huge psychological problems

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 @ youtube -> you are a jew boy with huge psychological problems: 1. you close this page to my "KingxKingdom": you because I am a goyim, that could never become the King of Israel and the world: because: really you: you're fucking Rothschild! is obvious! and then: it is just how racist: of the Talmud: you block: This your page: as well: to my "lorenzoAllah": because: it is just that: a jew like you should hate all Muslims, too! because: however, the money of actions: of Muslims: you knew how to take them!

 @youtube --> tu sei un ragazzo ebreo con grossi problemi psicologici: 1. tu chiudi questa pagina al mio "KingxKingdom": perché sendo te io sono un goym: che non potrebbe mai diventare il Re di Israele e del mondo: perché: proprio tu: tu sei Rothscild del cazzo! è evidente! e poi è giusto come razzista del Talmud di bloccare: questa tua pagina: anche al mio "lorenzoAllah": perché è giusto che un ebreo come te deve odiare tutti i musulmani!

king UNIUS REI Mahdì
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I am the political project of the Kingdom of Israel and Palestine which is Unius Rei. Since, I am a rational natural law, that is the true universal brotherhood: Since there is only one only IMF of ENLIGHTENED666? Then there exists from 500 years ONE single world SATANIC government: NWO! Do not believe at the satanic Masonic theater of politics, because you're gonna die! God alone is your hope!
Satan has Always Been: lies, deceit and murder (your): he does not
can never be good. Since Satanists enlightened Jews: of Banking seigniorage and masonic occult power: have the control of the world? soon, You will die in 3rd War World nuclear! simply because: 666Rothschild is no longer able to pay the money back to investors (source: Giacinto Auriti scientist)
@Jews & Freemasons -- with this my own: 30 Channel: in youtube? I have paid my debt to God: YHWH!
you go fuck yourself!
..........._..'¹-~-¹-.But the fruit of the Spirit
.....,-""-;\\/ ¸,.,¸ ¸¸,' love, joy, peace,
..../....-'.).\..'......longsuffering, gentleness,
(▒\,---'`▒)▒).......... goodness, faith,
(▒)(▒)(▒)(▒)...Meekness, temperance:
..(▒(▒)(▒)(▒)▒)...against such there
(▒)(▒)(▒)▒) no law.
.......(▒)▒)..............Galatians 5:22-23
.......(▒)Will Jesus Christ Return In AD 2328: about !!! MY task FORCE:
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to regenerate a new fund: IMF?
we are forced by enlightened, to suffer the 3rd WW nuclear in 2012
♥★♥all those who want to receive friendship from this channel: "universal brotherhood", they have to do this oath: [copy paste] the statement below and sent to: UniusRei3. the requests of friendship without such a declaration, that will be filed, will be rejected.
a solemn oath:
100% anti-racism
100% anti-Nazism
100% anti-Sharia
100% anti-banking seigniorage
100% anti-Zionism
100% anti-Talmud
100% anti-NWO
100% anti-Esoteric Agenda
100% anti-masonry
100% anti-SpA
100% anti-porn
100% anti-Satanism
100% anti-IMF
100% anti-secret societies
a solemn oath:
★100% national self-determination
★100% equality between all men
★100% equality between man & woman
★100% freedom of religion
★100% freedom of Thought
★100% freedom of sexual identity (is only a political assessment: for rejection violence)
★100% monetary sovereignty
★100% universal brotherhood
★100% Natural Law
★100% 10 Commandments
Executioner who spring!
to those Satan, of Muslims? we Catholics have given gratis to their, the our abandoned churches: for do the mosques, and we have given gratis many billions to rebuild Pakistan, etc ... but, our Governments masonic, like dogs did not barking no even the courage against all the muslims country, for the violation absolute of freedom religion and for the hundreds of innocent Christian martyrs that are killed every day
Executioner Pakistan & sharia cursed! enough, enough, with your torture and death sentences! the innocent Asia Bibi, was forced by her colleagues to convert to Islam, forced to give a justification of his faith. Asia Bible said only: "Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and not Muhammad. " You are monsters, demons, and you are at service of satanallah, and not the one true God who spoke to Abraham what you know. Will be also your hour of be punished: of course!.
All Muslim nations are criminals too, for not admit the genocide of the Christian people! In fact, the Turks still can not admit the genocide of all Armenians nation. is a true miracle that the Copts have survived at 1500 years of bloodshed in Egypt.
only Jesus Christ is the answer
you do not chase after stories!
Informazioni personali:
Jesu's nationalism against satan's synagoghe & babilon tower: if after 4 years, I can not talk about of banking seigniorage, with a jew or a with a Muslim, of freedom of religion? then, the world is under a powerful curse! All people (especially Jews) have become. of things, the pawns in the hands of the Jew Satanist enlightened, which has the monopoly of the IMF-NWO: since he, by controlling the money: seigniorage bankig, satanism Masons? they are in control of the history: is occult power absolute power!, to be responsible for all the real Holocaust: shoah: even. Way will cam 3°WWnuclear in 2012

││Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital
││of the Jewish People! The City of
││G-d & our King David!
││@at World - Im Mahdì King of
││Israel & Palestine: ie ReiUnius: ie the highest
││authority political and
││spiritual of all history mankind.
││ I order in the name of Jesus of
││Bethlehem. The ruin of all those
││who have something bad can
││do harm to others in youtube.
││"Amen" is forced to say the Holy
││Spirit of YHWH, against his own
││will. Everyone the bad?
││will be solely responsible
││for his own life, why this ministry
││political and theological of
││universal brotherhood? can not
││be stopped! in my kingdom which
││is already begun? there is not
││a job that Satan can do in the
││world! rebels will be punished!
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/)__) If you've seen the Cremation of Care
-"--"- Ritual at Bohemian Grove
__███\__███\_________Put This
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__███\__███\___███\__9/11 Was
__███\__███\___███\__GOVERNMENT JOB
VACCINES ??? ---------«([███|"""|"""]===[]
for slavery & Contrail
-(---===%% microchip-666 %%
-(---======%% verychip-666 %%
why Satanists institutional are terrified: now?
Why, they are aware of what I'm doing on my channels now!
hei 322Bush, 666Rothschild, etc. ...
[O.o] because: this year
/)__) You not invite also me, at your "cremation of care"
-"--"- Of Ritual Of The Bohemian Grove

Con usura nessuno ha una solida casa, di pietra squadrata e liscia, per istoriarne la facciata. Carogne crapulano, ospiti d'usura. Canto XLV di Ezra Pound vs enlightened of banking seigniorage
God Not save the Queen: This time, if she is the mistress of the International Masonry? Then, she is the owner of the New World Order: ie, the new Jezebel of Satan
if anyone wants to know, because I do all this?
This is my secret:
"I am in love with my wife Israel and for her, that I fight: against all this shit of the enlightened"
the worst between all men: they dominating the world!
if one is not 100 times a thug, and 1000 times a soul ready for hell? he can not be an politician.. this has says, "the bank seigniorage!"
ABOUTJFK y el Dólar - Dont-Tread-On. You must connect the assassination of JFK, with his efforts to resume: the power of money: how the Constitution says! in favor of the people against criminals: Satanic Jews corporations: SpA, a privately owned central bank. Executive Order 11110: it was a direct attack on that power: ie occult Totalitarianism. This AGENDA: It is a plot of private bankers: to take out the enemies of their power structure: the occult NWO-IMF. Abraham Lincoln has introduced Greenback: no bank seigniorage, no Hebrew and no debt, but he too was assassinated. Andrew Jackson, was an attack: against him during his struggle to free his country, from private central bank. Executive 11110, to signed by President Kennedy: If the Executive Order 11110 of JFK, will not be done by Barack Obama? then: he is a Satanist: Like all governments around the world
Città natale:
kingdom of God JHWH
king Unius Rei
my friend: "Yeevvooihon2012" [(1 day ago) SPAM:]] she said: "Lick, lick, more more" - the ANSWER- PROBABLY .. MY FRIEND: was been killed by Satanists: THAT have APPROPRIATE have stolen, even of his channel. and have it transformed into a monstrously channel .. So, you can avenge her, and take his place: you come into the Kingdom of God! You leave the criminals: Satanists!
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Universal brotherhood
drdduke said: Israeli Terrorism Against America. 0:09 Hello this is David Duke In lecturing university students on American 0:14policy in the Mideast I often begin by asking a simple question. 0:18I now ask it to you. What is the only government in the Mideast 0:24that made terrorist attacks against America? It may shock you but the answer is Israel. 0:33Israel has made terrorist attacks against America. Israel has attacked and blown up 0:38 American targets. Israel has murdered and maimed Americans. 0:46 Most Americans have no Idea that Israel has made terrorist attacks against us. Here are 0:51 the facts. The first Israeli terrorist attack occurred 0:55in the 1950s in what is now called the Lavon Affair, the Israeli government sent Jewish1:01 agents in Egypt to blowup American movie theaters and libraries. 1:05Only by a quirk of fate were the lives of Americans saved. A Jewish terrorist's bomb 1:11went off prematurely. His mishap led to the capture of the entire terrorist cell. 1:17 This attack was far worse than a single act of terrorism costing some lives and property.
translated Biblical Wisdom?closed"UniusRei2"xSpam!
@ King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - God wants me to succor and protect all religions of the world! as, the Messiah jew? I will correct the Torah! but, as the Mahdi? I will correct the Qur'an (with the help of your theologians): so you will not be forced to kill the Christians Martyrs, for to hide your inferiority cultural because it does not matter, if the Koran was dictated by Satan, or whoever for him, because they were angels of light: once! If I will not make these corrections? 1. Islam will be lost: for ever: and, 2. You see die, all your relatives! Why, the motto of the Illuminati is only one: "more is worse for everyone, the better is for us!" .. In fact, Satanists have no an real identity: outside of Satan himself: and how if you too are a beast of hell? However, you do not have any hope of being able to reach their level of Satanism! @King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - why, Berlusconi before he kissed the hand of Gaddafi, and after a month: has bombed him? because he like all politicians are merely puppets: of 666Rothschild: and 322Bush! Governments throughout the world? are all demons like you! Why, no one has dared to bark at the State crime of 11 September. Francesco Cossiga said that as "all governments know that, on 11 / 09: was done by: CIA and the Mossad: to justify the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. But what kind of Satanist , you are also, for having sold your people at the banking seigniorage of Satanists American Jews? you have emptied the mines in your country in exchange for dollars, which have no value, you'll notice when you try to use them to wipe your ass @King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - you saw Berlusconi as: before, kissed the hand of Gaddafi, and after a month: has bombed him? Our politicians? they are cockroaches, not have never the sense of decency! as you're a demon?Because, you with Gaddafi: like all "muslims country"? You burnt the Bibles: and Kill the Christians .. but, then, Gaddafi has come to Italy to bring the suitcases full of books of the Koran to be distributed ... here's why: he quickly fell under the judgments of God! With this 3 rd WWnuclear against Islam? You pay for all crimes, that you have done against peaceful and innocent people, of all these, yours 1400 years of your criminal life! @Re Abdullah dell'Arabia Saudita - tu hai visto come Berlusconi ha: prima: baciato la mano di Gheddafi, e dopo un mese: lui lo ha bombardato? I nostri politici? loro sono degli scarafaggi, senza neanche il senso del pudore! Come: anche tu sei un demone! Poiché, Gheddafi: come tutti i: "muslims country"? Voi bruciate le Bibbie: e uccidete i cristiani.. ma, poi Gheddafi è venuto in Italia a portare le valigie, piene, di libri del Corano: da distribuire... ecco perché: lui è caduto rapidamente sotto il giudizio di Dio! Con questa 3°WWnuclear contro l'Islam? Voi pagherete tutti crimini, che, voi avete fatto contro persone pacifiche e innocenti: di tutti questi 1400 della vostra vita criminale! You remove the Sharia: immediately amen [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] we have too much evidence of your evil: the page of youtube would not be sufficient to list all your atrocities ... it's you: that: you are doing, the speculation on the blood of the poor Palestinians .. it's you: that: you have sent your theologians to commit perjury: in Assisi with Pope John Paul II when everyone swore and said: "Never again: to kill someone in the name of God." You are a vulgar liar, a servant fraudulent and malicious. Wrath of God is against you, because, you are damn, together with your damn prophet? you have corrupt! My holy Islam!. death? is not a Justice sufficient and appropriate against you! [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] noi abbiamo troppe prove della vostra malvagità: la pagina di youtube: non sarebbe sufficiente, ad elencare tutte le vostre atrocità... sei proprio tu: che: tu stai facendo, la speculazione: sul sangue dei poveri palestinesi.. sei proprio tu: che: hai mandato i tuoi teologi a spergiurare: ad Assisi con Giovanni Paolo II: quando tutti: giurarono e dissero: "mai più: uccidere qualcuno: in nome di Dio!". tu sei un volgare bugiardo: un servo fraudolento e maligno. l'Ira di Dio è contro di te: poiché, tu insieme al tuo maledetto profeta? voi avete corrotto:!!! l'Islam santo mio!!!. la morte? non è una giustizia sufficiente e appropriata contro te!
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MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
@ IHateNEWLAYOUT -> [is useful: a 3 ° WW nuclear! ] too many people, like you, all the accomplices of the IMF: they all deserve to be condemned, to death as: the Bible says this is the law of retaliation! the heads of shit: of the Talmud: or: the Koran or: all idiot find excuses, but: true: Word of God is eternal and can not be fooled by: the Talmud or the Koran, etc. .. ! God told me: 12 hours ago: [Wisdom 14.31] I will protect: from death only those: who: belong to me, really! sorry guys: my plea:of do not see with my own eyes: the destruction of all mankind? was rightly rejected by God. You have been sentenced to death, prepare your soul: for judgment: of your Creator!
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
Political gay without sovereignty: puppets murderers of all peoples![vs SEIGNIORAGE BANKING 666 322 IMF NWO. Also Noah did: his year: ZERO! and his ark: it was well hidden from the Turkish Freemasons: of IMF: on the Mount Ararat! thus, I also: I will anyway: My Year Zero! or with you all live: o with you all dead? I'm sure: i am do: the new year: zero: for the last years of this unfortunate: human race! You have been sentenced to death, prepare your soul: for judgment: of your Creator!
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
@7zc1 --> when I was: the age: and the strength: for to do: all the sex: that you want? I was in the seminary: to visit the priest: the ascetic: the mystic and the saint! Now: if: I will not put: all of you: on their knees at the foot of the cross? where: at least your soul: would be saved from the Hell? will let die: all of you: how animals: why is this: that: Rothschild has planned! Only Jesus of Bethlehem is true: ie, Christ! everything else is crap! if you do not accept this my truth? die! because the road to hell has been opened for you: of the satan synagogue: of IMF!
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
[ 3°nuclear WW? is here! ] @ IsraelNationalTV-> our political Masons without sovereignty? they are forced: to make the agenda: of the IMF-NWO. that is: 3 ° WWnuclear .. fact: Ezra Pound: was tortured cruelly, for: have discovered: or have revealed to the report: inseparable: between IMF: and all the wars .. only, "unius rei" can impostrare: a culture of collaboration: why, since: the rabbis Illuminati: have set: a culture of opposione: functional to their agenda: of the total control!
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
@Rothschild-> during this: 3°WW nuclear, as: I am with: my sniper: I can distinguish: between: jew innocent: and between: jew guilty: or, between: innocent Mason: and, between Mason: guilty: or, between: political innocent, and, between: political guilty? they are not all: clear set: the accomplices of this: the fake Masonic system: of this: false democracy? all the accomplices: of your banking seigniorage, that: no Constitution: could never: give to you? Bastard! How many innocent Jews: thou shalt die this time?
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
[external enemy]: all the Jewish lobby of the banking seigniorage: IMF, and: of, any other monopoly stolen, through: the Freemasonry: that is, the [enemy within]: legions of bureaucrats: Administrators: consultants, etc. .. of untouchable: that: the Masonic Judiciary: never could process: they are an abyss for Finance: of the State: Masonic, lobby: occult powers: that: they are above the law: sure of their impunity: abandon: themselves: even to kill the children: after using them sexually! But to make ends meet the State? just raise the price of gasoline, excise taxes, etc. .. the terminal structure: of this system? smothers, brutalizes: and die: all peoples. If you do not want a massacre indiscriminately? then: is there: only, the my metaphisic: medieval structure: of my kingdom: it is: one only monarchy: on the world
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
@Masonic Jewish lobby: IMF: -> Hitler had: his reasons! a liter of water: H2O? contains the energy of 25 liters of petrol! This simple technology? was available 100 years ago! you are the real Satanists. But, if, failed the King Solomon: to distinguish: between: good Jews:and evil: Jews: and in fact: he was forced to hand over the Ark of the Covenant to his wife, the Queen of Sheba: Ethiopia, but, if it is not failed: the court of the Inquisition: How can I get me in distinguish between you? you must deliver to me: IMF: and New World Order: I'll order it: in the name of Jesus of Bethlehem!
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
@ Masonic Jewish lobby: IMF: Rothschild Rockefeller: you are destroying the hope of Israel, both in spiritual terms: that: in terms of politics!. [circumcision] JEWS and MUSLIMS? they are the sons of the fucking:.. and murderers and racists of the fucking!.. TALMUD AND Corano: ARE IDOLATER: SATANIST CRIMINAL RACIST NAZI: ie true apostasy and blasfemy. CHRISTIANS HINDUS ARE NOT idolaters: BUT ONLY: POLITEISTS. NO! I AM NOT JEW: OR GOYM: I AM ONLY MAN!
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
thecopticmartyrs2 [Egypt] you have heard, as the Turks: have said: "Armenians" is the word of a grass! "Of all Muslims? Been You Were the only one who was not capable of doing the genocide of Christians: namely, That Is dirty work, That Muhammad said to do to you! Now, Those guys of the Copts? They are not guilty, if you're gay, and if They have survived: to 1400 years of: massacres: rapes, kidnappings, robberies: abuse : violence: and all atrocities! now? or you take: to kick ass all the men of religion from politics and hunted them? this way: you give up sharia: Immediately and forever! ago: we will do this: nuclear world war: where At last: this damn Koran will be abolished for ever! Because, where Christians have failed? Satanists enlightened Jews of IMF_NWO? They Do not fail!
MercyChristLord (3 ore fa)
You have been sentenced to death, prepare your soul: for judgment: of your Creator

@ King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - I know what you're thinking about.. 1. if you abolish Sharia law and proclaims the freedom of religion; 2. if I control the IMF: 1. I save the money of peoples, which will be certainly destroyed, 2. I destroyed the national debt, 3. I gift money to all Governments, without interest; 4. still, I destroyed inflation: 5. I create universal brotherhood! Then, we put him in the ass: to 666 Rothschild: and 322 Bush: and we no longer do this shit: of 3 ° WW nucle
ar! You want to talk to the Israelis about this project? Then, you will see that. they too would not be happy to die for Rothschild! lol. Fuck Rothschild and all his race of shit enlightened [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] the banker jew? He does not enter the conflict! Therefore, he tries: only: maximum destruction that is as possible .. now, because the destruction is enormous? the illusion of being able to win? must always be given: for both contenders. because someone can do in a war hope of investment, in the win. and if you believe, that not there will be a war against you? So, you really are a retard! because all the political alliances: they are fragile []] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] is obvious: "a religious man: it is too one-sided: for an political office," because: the demon of religion: that: is in him? makes him an intolerant person, that believes you have: the fullness of truth, etc. .. but if this were true? then one should also have: the humility and the love of God. while you're like a demon (who thinks he's an angel) against all those that are not compatible: with your blasphemy. From this point of view? You're the worst of the Satanists: because at least they have the honesty and intelligence to know to be bad: but thou that: you're a super-criminal and murderess? you believe yourself to be a saint [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]]Muhammad is in the hell for many reasons: because the "man good": is the one who does good to all: ie, he who does the work of God in the way of God! Since: is the supreme abomination, apostasy and blasphemy, is to do of one religion: an ideology for conquest of the world .. you believe that, we are idiots? You do not grant us freedom of religion only because you want to conquer the world. [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] I know: you believe not only that you're better than that "connects" criminal: of Kim Jong-il of North Korea. But, you also of believe: to be the most intelligent and astute leaders of the world .. but, instead, you're really stupid, because you can not understand: how the way: down: with the favor of the media coverage: all of your crimes: and of all your abominations? is a trap:of Illuminati: for kill all: innocent and guilty Muslims, because in any case: and in every way: the Satanists would not let: one only religions in the world: this is, after this descent? There is a ravine! [[]] King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia [[]] you are the greatest criminal "idiot": today: in fact, both the enlightened, that Satan were arguing among themselves, "where we find another fool like Hitler? ". ok! they have found you! and this not only because by your International Islamic you kill 300: innocent Christian martyrs every day. but because, as enlightened have destroyed Nazis? so, the Illuminati have decided to destroy Islam - is useless for you to do the jerk, for not to go to war! because it is the freedom of religion that you have to give: "Now!" .. In fact, you are at war: because of you, for Your criminal Sharia: for massacre of many Christians innocent martyrs! you go, anyway in war .. and even though I weep for this .. However .. with the 3 rd WWnuclear imminent? because of you: the Mecca ie.. "The Moon God of the Kaba." my holy God Allah? will be lost forever! [[open letter to Mossad]] @ TheCentralServices - the racial concept? it is about as close to Satan can to exist! why, all of us men, we come from One who is One only God: it's all bullshit religious about: "GOIM", or sharia, etc. .. ? is only the certification theological, which, a person is cast into the abyss of hell .. because Unius Rei: for the highest rational concept of "metaphysics" that is natural law: he has been able to break the veil: that human nature is impossible to break. Why, all illusions and all the lies Satan, that men have taken, must be vomited into a place of fire and unimaginable torment! @GRIMSREVENGE253 -- You have to answer to my question: in the flames and the despair that is the destruction of the hell: that is in the fourth dimension: the nucleus of the star that was our planet, "but, to answer then? then it will be too late : for you! "for the thirtieth time: this is my question: "why you drag a damned soul: of rotten corpse: of the cemetery around the world?