The Voice of The Martyrs:

The Voice of The Martyrs:
anyone who enters this page?
by Rei Unius with adjuration & oath solemn.
You have given monetary sovereignty to private?
But they are Satanists!
You are all under destruction!
The Voice of The Martyrs:
you are not in reality, but you are a great amusement park for you, or horror for other, that is great as all the world: NWO-IMF.
indeed, at eyes of a Muslim all the West seems only Satanism
and in this they are right!
because they (today is: Modernism & Masonry) as Muhammad (yesterday was: Arianism), Muslim may not know that Christianity has been polluted.
the real Christianity?
is precisely what they suffocate in their muslim country, to be the true children of their satanAllah.
The Voice of The Martyrs:
@jews & rich --- you have ruined the planet & devastated the human race!
When the hand of God will be lifted against you and against all? Then I'll never be able to stop it!
you have done things and have allowed them to be made of the things that are beyond measure.
You have been wicked in the conduct of the planet, soon you'll be presented the bill!
The Voice of The Martyrs:
Gheddafi in: " 1of2 ISLAM supported by Zionist for wins New WORLD Order " 2:06 :"There are signs that show, as Allah will give victory to Islam in Europe, and without the use of swords, without guns or fights, we do not need terrorists or suicide bombers. More than 50 million Muslims in Europe, will make this continent, a continent Islamic few decades. "Saying this is absolutely criminal, Gaddafi declares that Islam from its rise, its goals and purposes. the annihilation of human dignity, that is, a theocratic totalitarian monster!­au/­/
@rrmbgpym jews rich -- You Have Completely annihilated Our Freedom & Dignity: ie Christian civilization through many strategies, such as spreading the sharia. That is why the enlightened have made their alliance in favor of Islamization. you have a biblical faith to be able to withstand any thing? Instead of the love of your ReiUnius, you put your life in the hands of Satan and of aliens who are in the subterranean tunnels? but because the Angels rebelled & have become demons? shit: they did not want to serve the Messiah that was perfect, and now should serve you who are full of shit, from now totally abandoned at their power? God will purify the world with fire, but after you not will be there more!
--yes, is true: the criminal parasite is the Jewish people, they are not victims, they are the victimizers: enlightened have done of this race of "people satanism" has done and is doing. That plays right into the hands of this criminal race. The Jew plays off of holohoax sympathy... Yeah, there are some good Jews but I am not focusing on them, I am focusing on the majority of this race of "people" who are corrupters satanist mason deceivers usurpers etc....
@ aparrisi - Giacinto Auriti scientist, has shown how money has a cost of 270%, therefore, exhausted peoples are. is same system of satanic NWO-IMF to condemn himself to self-destruction. Since the criminal Satanists Jews with the complicity of politicians and the Masons, may not do understand at peoples, their responsibilities, here, have had the need to do the 1st and 2nd World War, to do immense destruction to regenerate a new International Monetary Fund, through the credit system: namely the creation of money out of nothing or the right of seigniorage banking: every Constitution gives this at the sovereign people, but those Jews, "enlightened of Lucifer" has been appropriated, robbing & killing us. Therefore, it is inevitable the 3rd WW nuclear in 2012, perhaps earlier, with the loss of 5.5 billion people.
The Luciferian Religion is the religion of the United Nations and the New World Order.
It is a New Age Enlightement movement which conceals a sinister motive: NWO.