I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

@enlightened Zionist Satanist sharia masonry: all shit: ✞Hell Will Be That will swallow you all! very soon: ✞: ..
Who can dwell neighbor at devouring fire? Who May Dwell Among everlasting flames? is the holiness of God, Which burns all rebel and sanctifies his friends ... You Will Be Consumed: however! Amen: In Jesus's name! Alleluia!
How you're prepared for the test of fire? United with Jesu's Nationalism; Against Satan's Synagogue, babilon tower of IMF-NWO [PAX] ♰. I Have done wrong to all Those Criminals, who Toppled the cross. [♚: MENE.Techel.PERES: ♚].
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I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

@Saudi Arabia & all muslim country -> [[cursed children of the devil: When and how Satan came to you?]] Abdullah o Abdallah! You'd better say Abdu.Satan.Allah! it is your fault that: every day, hundreds of Christians who are martyred, because of your corrupt religion! You do racism on religious. right you are the true abomination of apostasy and a blasphemy against the sanctity of Allah & Islam! Why, in your laws, instead of killing the saints, you do not commit suicide, with one another? you think you can go to heaven? you are the first of the mad! it is your fault if God has made ​​possible: 1). Israel as thorn in your side; 2). the inevitable, 3 rd WWnuclear: think that the enlightened love you? asshole: you will be the first front line: . 3). I am UniusRei & Mahdì that is king of Israel

my jews->

MY jews--> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta. them, lol. maybe they do not want Israel because they want to take all the world with seigniorage banking: ie, IMF-NWO: of satana Rothscild & company. but, The people of Israel has been, since time immemorial, not only that the people of God. but an entity defined by national, by political power and borders. It received from God on Mount Sinai laws and goals in life, which it not has always followed faithfully. But, Unfortunately, the Zionist movement was successful. but this was not in God's plan

my jews--> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta ---> because God can not accept democracy, which is a state founded on Masonic principles and satanism of zionism-racism. God is kingdom in yourself! therefore there is no Israel or Palestine, for those who have faith in God, but there are Jewish brothers and the Palestinians: all loving and united, as children about God: that in this they are ones who claim to believe & of be.

my jews-> I dissociate myself from the statements of: Neturei Karta--> In fact, we are all in God's favor (as well as atheists, who acknowledge God as: honesty, virtue, truth, etc. ..).. . and God is the same with all those who are obedient to his will! If his will had been recognized in time? Today you would not need desperately of one ReiUnius: that is lorenzojhwh
God will never accept the "Zionist redemption or Sharia". He will the force of His people for return all, by his exile-USA-satana: of enlightened: for wait for the real divine redemption. The kingdom of JHWH and his UniusRei that is Mahdì&King of Israel. Why I am love. I will expand: peacefully, my kingdom at Jordan and Lebanon, etc. .. because Jews and Palestinians all my children can live finally happy.

my jews->This is our one last chance to do this on our own, because if we do not do it ourselves? God Himself will do it: but, around the world will be punished by WW3: with 3rd world nuclear war. because the evil has reached excessive levels... There is no way around God's plan. Therefore, we must have the insight to implement this solution by dissolving Zionism and the "State of Israel." for to make of kingdom of Israel&Palestine. The world, especially the UN, the U.S. and the EU, has a duty, for it is they who have the power to carry out the above proposed solution. The advantages of this plan, identified above, certainly justify their taking it into consideration. these are the only requirements to build the house of God: that is the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Temple: that: however: it could never arise in the Zionist regime of bank seigniorage


Yahweh's Name Was Removed by Satan. The Name of Our Creator Yahweh Was removed from the bible Because The Jewish Scribes thought it was too holy or sacred to be pronounced. It Was not just the Jews Rather But Satan the god of this world who inspired the great Hebrew Scribes to remove the name of Yahweh. Clearly in this false concept Because the plain text of the bible tells us to call Him with His Name Yahweh. They used vowel points "Adonay" to prompt the inexperienced reader to pronounce Hebrew "YHWH" in, Jehovah or Jehovah. Yahweh Promised That His people will know His Name Isa 52:6. Because the Law of Yahweh commands us to proclaim His Name to all peoples Ex 9:16. Yahshua Kept this law. Notice: John 17:6 I have manifested; Openly Made Known, Your Name To Them That You Gave Me out of the world. Jer 23:25-27. The Message of The Kingdom will be preached to all: before the end. Mat 24:14.

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❤ You are a joyful, loving, caring, friendly, inspiring spirit. You are my: helpful, compassionate, creative, giving spiritual Being. You live a life of giving and receiving love. You are connected to everything I know you treat everything with the love and light You want to receive. It's beautiful, it's Marvelous to see so wide opening hearts to give and receive. The golden key to the kingdom of light is in your hands. The key is love, it's the vibration of the future. May love fill your heart I know That it can not be contained, so That It All That flows to cross your path. I am love, I love you always. IS ALL THERE IS Between Us ((❤))

❤ You are a joyful, loving, caring, friendly, inspiring spirit. You are a helpful, compassionate, creative, giving spiritual Being. You live a life of giving and receiving love. You are connected to everything I know you treat everything with the love and light You want to receive. It's beautiful, it's Marvelous to see so wide opening hearts to give and receive. The golden key to the kingdom of light is in your hands. The key is love, it's the vibration of the future. May love fill your heart I know That it can not be contained, so That It All That flows to cross your path. I am love, I love you always. IS ALL THERE IS ❤ ❤ ❤ Between Us ((❤))


in Côte d'Ivoire 1.000 Were burnt alive and killed Christians Being Christians burn on Ivory Coast. UC Ministries: There can be no doubt That we are living in the last days. Would it be easy for anyone to see images and Becomes These hateful Towards These Moslems. God says "Vengeance is mine I Will Repay" For Those Who Have Died "We have this hope" Absent from the body we are present with Christ. Which Is That What They Had to better down here. So I post the video with the caption That His Came with it. Please pray about what is happening there and for Christians at large who Suffer persecution. (Warning Strong Images!)

in Côte d'Ivoire 1.000 Were burnt alive and killed Christians Must see the truth as Christians Against Islam acts, Which are considered "infidels" and According To The Quran in Sura II, verse 187 must be annihilated by the simple fact to not be Muslims , says: "Kill Them wherever ye find That May From Where They out and drive you out." While Muslim immigrants in Spain do not stop using the open bar social security in Ivory Coast Muslim troops loyal to Have Killed More Than Four Alassane 1.000 Christians. Not enough to tell. We want to show readers how Our Muslims to Christians burned alive in Ivory Coast. Specifically, over 1.000 Were Christians killed this week in the Salesian mission of St. Therese of Lisieux in Duékoué by Muslim troops loyal to Alassane Ouattara. May God Have Mercy!

@ YHWH-Allah: ie, God->:
is came for me, now, the moment to make me
responsible, the history of humankind, and responsible, too, verse to God:
of each,of the its precious creatures. Of course, I hate the Zionists
of Talmud and the Muslim of sharia: the source of all murder and ruthless
racist. Because good Muslims, Christians and Jews? are only
their victims. In reality, the real war is that of bad men, against
the good men. all of else? is just a dust of devil!

Convert etiope dall'Islam pericoli schivate in Kenya
Estremisti islamici cercano di ucciderlo, altri minacciare la sua vita.
 Un cristiano convertito dall'islam fuggito ostilità nella natia Etiopia ha affrontato tentato omicidio e minacce di morte in corso in Kenya. estremisti islamici somali in Kenya sequestrato e tentato di uccidere Barack Hussein Kedir nel luglio 2010, e più recentemente del Kenya, nato estremisti islamici a contatto con i loro correligionari in Etiopia ha inviato una minaccia di morte al suo telefono cellulare il 3 dicembre, il cristiano ha detto Compass. Da allora, Hussein ha riferito il minaccioso messaggio di testo alla polizia, e la moglie ha lasciato il paese con i loro due figli. "Anche se ho sperimentato tutti i problemi di questi innumerevoli, di persecuzione e di molestie spietata, sia nel mio paese e al di fuori del paese, non ho mai abbandonato o perso la mia speranza nel servire il Signore ", dice Hussein. ». Musulmani hanno cercato di uccidermi più volte, anche qui in Kenya" Born to capi delle comunità musulmane in Arsi Negelle distretto nel sud dell'Etiopia, Hussein era stato un coordinatore zelante giovane islamica che un tempo i cristiani perseguitati prima della sua conversione - un lungo processo che ha portato il padre di sparargli a una gamba per il suo impegno a Cristo, ha detto. Hussein era fuggito in Kenya nel 2003, ma segretamente tornato nella sua casa di campagna in Etiopia nel giugno 2009 per contribuire a creare tre nuove chiese.Quando i musulmani zona scoperto il suo lavoro, hanno iniziato a cercarlo con l'intenzione di ucciderlo, costringendolo a tornare in Kenya, ha detto. Poco dopo la mezzanotte l'8 luglio 2010, estremisti musulmani a Nairobi infilato un CD sotto la porta contenente informazioni sulla come uccidere i cristiani e bruciare chiese, insieme a una lettera di minacce in lingua araba e somala, ha detto. La sera dopo, verso le 7:30 pm, presunti estremisti islamici speronato la loro auto nella porta laterale del conducente della vettura che stava guidando e gli disse che lo avrebbero ucciso. In data 27 luglio 2010, quattro somali, presunti estremisti islamici, lo ha costretto in macchina verso le 9:30 a Nairobi e, armi in pugno, fece prendere un detergente (Jik) miscelata con polvere di sapone (Omo), e lui cadde svenuto ed è stato spinto fuori dalla macchina, ha detto. I passanti lo ha portato in un ospedale, dove il personale stabilito che deve essere stato buttato fuori dalla macchina ad alta velocità. I somali, che non sapeva, ha contestato il suo predicare il cristianesimo, ha detto. Hussein si convertì al cristianesimo nel 1995 dopo una serie di episodi di pericolo di vita che ha avuto inizio nel 1990. In precedenza si era recato a varie regioni insegnamento sull'Islam e l'ostilità sviluppato verso le altre religioni, ha tormentato molti cristiani, rubando il loro cibo e cercando di bruciare alcuni edifici della chiesa, ha detto. "Mentre mi stavo allenando e diffondere la fede islamica nel Paese a macchia d'olio , qualcosa di straordinario successo a me ", dice Hussein. "Mi sono convertito a Cristo in un modo insolito, quando Gesù si è rivelato a me attraverso circostanze difficili in cui ho quasi perso la mia vita." Nel 1990 è stato misteriosamente accecato, ha detto. Dopo il trattamento ospedaliero e le preghiere dei leader musulmani sono stati di alcuna utilità, ha detto di aver sentito la voce di Gesù dicendo che lo amava. "In risposta ho detto, 'No, non ho bisogno del vostro aiuto, andare via,'", ha detto . "La voce poi mi disse: 'Non avete bisogno di ottenere indietro la vostra salute?' Ho detto, 'Sì, ma non ho bisogno di te.' ", ha detto Hussein Compass che più tardi divenne disperata e udì la voce di nuovo a lui offerta per chiedere di essere guarito, ma che ancora una volta ha rifiutato. "Quella sera stessa ho visto una immagine bianca , e vi fu il segno della croce, e l'ho rimproverato, "ha detto. "La casa tremava come ci fu un terremoto. Ho quindi deciso di coprire dentro di me la coperta. Ognuno all'interno della casa si spaventò. Poi è arrivata di nuovo la croce. Questa volta ho voluto prendere la croce. I miei occhi poi si apre, anche se non riuscivo a vedere bene. E 'stato molto rosso. Poi un'altra voce venne da me dicendo: 'Io sono Gesù Cristo, mi segua. Io sono colui che ti ha reso cieco. Ora vi ho guarito. '" ancora scettico circa la guarigione, ha lasciato per una zona a maggioranza cristiana a predicare l'Islam, ha detto, ma ha perso tutto la vista ancora una volta ed è stato anche paralizzato per sette mesi. "Sono stato poi portato al mio rurale villaggio per morire ", dice Hussein. "Ero solito sdraiarsi sul pavimento, aiutando me stesso [al cibo o bevande] proprio dove stavo mentendo. Il luogo è diventato sporco e puzzolente. La morte ha dominato i miei pensieri. Ho chiesto Allah, perché non vuole guarire. Poi ho contemplato il suicidio. A quel punto i miei occhi si aprì e una voce mi ha chiamato ancora una volta, 'Barack, ti amo. Feci di essere paralizzato. Ti amo. Io sono Gesù Cristo. Seguimi '". La voce lo ha diretto in una posizione di circa 200 chilometri (124 miglia) al fine di riconquistare la sua salute. "Ho trovato che questo è molto difficile", ha detto. "La gente ha detto che andava pazzo. Mi è stato poi messo su un cavallo e viaggiato per un'ora per raggiungere la stazione degli autobus. Prima di raggiungere la destinazione, in una visione, ho visto una strada stretta e una spada bianco davanti, e il fuoco. Ho avuto paura pensando che voleva uccidere me. Quella volta ero a piedi nudi. Poi sono stato svegliato, perché avevo raggiunto la destinazione. C'è un segno di croce è stato consegnato a me e il messaggio è venuto, 'Follow Me'. . Mi sono miracolosamente guarito, tornò indietro con la croce " Quando arrivò a casa con il segno della croce, suo padre gli ha sparato a una gamba, costringendolo a cercare di rifugiarsi in un edificio della chiesa - dove è stato inizialmente respinto come un nemico della fede. "Dopo un po 'mi è stata accettata ed è stato preso dalla chiesa di Jimma Bible College", dice Hussein. "Non ho avuto il sigillo di predicare il Vangelo nelle vicinanze Jimma. Ben presto le cose si male. Con la mia guarigione miracolosa, in particolare portando il segno della croce in giro, ho affrontato la persecuzione dalla mia famiglia e la comunità. Sarebbe stato più sicuro per me o mi uccido o rinnegare la fede cristiana, ma ho subito tutto, e alla fine sono fuggito in Kenya nel 2003. " E 'stato ammesso al Pan Africa Christian University, e dopo aver conseguito la laurea ha continuato a ottenere un Master of Leadership presso la Scuola Internazionale di Teologia Nairobi.Ora sta perseguendo grado un altro maestro, questo uno in pace e relazioni internazionali, presso l'Università Cattolica dell'Africa Orientale. "Dio mi ha chiamato ad una vita preziosa", ha detto. "Non ho rimpianti, e ringrazio Dio per la consegna di me dall'Islam. So che devo pagare il prezzo, dal momento che coloro che vogliono vivere una vita pia deve essere pronto ad affrontare la persecuzione ". Hussein ha presentato la sua domanda di asilo verso un paese terzo il 19 luglio 2010 al Commissariato delle Nazioni Unite per i Rifugiati ( UNHCR). Infatti, i funzionari lo ha intervistato il 4 novembre 2010, e anche l'anno scorso, ma a tutt'oggi non ha ricevuto una determinazione. Una lettera alle richieste dell'UNCHR di non essere rinviato in un paese in cui egli affronta le minacce alla sua vita o della libertà. Una decisione è attesa ad un previsto 17 maggio appuntamento. END

Ethiopian Convert from Islam Dodges Dangers in Kenya


Muslim extremists try to kill him; others threaten his life.
A Christian convert from Islam who fled hostilities in his native Ethiopia has faced attempted murder and ongoing death threats in Kenya.

Somali Muslim extremists in Kenya kidnapped and tried to kill Barack Hussein Kedir in July 2010, and most recently Kenyan-born Islamic extremists in contact with their co-religionists in Ethiopia sent a death threat to his cell phone on Dec. 3, the Christian told Compass. Since then, Hussein has reported the threatening text message to police, and his wife has fled the country with their two children.

“Although I have been experiencing all these countless problems, suffering persecution and merciless harassment both in my own country and outside of the country, I have never given up or lost my hope in serving the Lord,” Hussein said. “Muslims have tried to murder me several times, even here in Kenya.”

Born to Muslim community leaders in Arsi Negelle district in southern Ethiopia, Hussein had been a zealous Islamic youth coordinator who once harassed Christians before his conversion – a long process that led his father to shoot him in the leg for his commitment to Christ, he said.

Hussein had fled to Kenya in 2003 but secretly returned to his rural home in Ethiopia in June 2009 to help establish three new churches. When area Muslims discovered his work, they started looking for him with intent to kill him, forcing him to return to Kenya, he said.

Shortly after midnight on July 8, 2010, Muslim extremists in Nairobi slipped a CD under his door containing information on how they kill Christians and burn church buildings, along with a threatening letter in the Arabic and Somali languages, he said. The next evening at about 7:30 p.m., presumed Muslim extremists rammed their car into the driver’s side door of the car he was driving and told him they would kill him.

On July 27, 2010, four Somalis, presumed Muslim extremists, forced him into a car at about 9:30 p.m. in Nairobi and, at gunpoint, made him take a detergent (Jik) mixed with powdered soap (Omo), and he fell unconscious and was pushed out of the car, he said. Passers-by took him to a hospital, where staff determined that he must have been thrown out of the car at high speed.

The Somalis, whom he did not know, objected to his preaching Christianity, he said.

Hussein converted to Christianity in 1995 after a series of life threatening episodes that began in 1990. Previously he had traveled to various regions teaching about Islam and developed hostility toward other religions; he harassed many Christians, stealing their food and trying to burn some church buildings, he said.

“While I was practicing and spreading Islamic faith in the country like wildfire, something amazing happened to me,” Hussein said. “I converted to Christ in an unusual way, when Jesus revealed Himself to me through difficult circumstances in which I almost lost my life.”

In 1990 he was mysteriously blinded, he said. After hospital treatment and the prayers of Muslim leaders were of no avail, he said he heard the voice of Jesus saying He loved him.

“In response I said, ‘No, I do not need your help, go away,’” he said. “The voice then said to me, ‘Do you need to get back your health?’ I said, ‘Yes, but I do not need you.’”

Hussein told Compass he later became hopeless and heard the voice again bidding him to ask to be healed, but that again he declined.

“That very evening I saw a white image, and there came the sign of the cross, and I rebuked it,” he said. “The house shook like there was an earthquake. I then decided to cover myself inside the blanket. Everyone inside the house was frightened. Then came again the cross. This time I wanted to catch the cross. My eyes then got opened, though I could not see well. It was very red. Then another voice came to me saying, ‘I am Christ Jesus, follow Me. I am the one who made you blind. I now have healed you.’”

Still skeptical about the healing, he left for a predominantly Christian area to preach Islam, he said, but he lost all sight again and was also paralyzed for seven months.

“I was then taken to my rural village to die there,” Hussein said. “I used to lie on the floor, helping myself [to food or drink] right where I was lying. The place became filthy and smelly. Death dominated my thoughts. I questioned Allah, why he does not want to heal. I then contemplated committing suicide. At that point my eyes got opened and a voice called me again, ‘Barack, I love you. I caused you to be paralyzed. I love you. I am Jesus Christ. Follow Me.’”

The voice directed him to a location about 200 kilometers (124 miles) away in order to regain his health.

“I found this to be very difficult,” he said. “People said I was going crazy. I was then put on a horse and traveled for one hour to reach the bus station. Before reaching the destination, in a vision, I saw a narrow road and a white sword in front, and fire. I got afraid thinking that it wanted to kill me. That time I was barefoot. Then I was woken up, for I had reached the destination. There a cross sign was handed over to me and the message came, ‘Follow Me.’ I got healed miraculously, then returned back with the cross.”

When he arrived home with the cross sign, his father shot him in the leg, forcing him to try to take refuge in a church building – where he was initially rebuffed as an enemy of the faith.

“After a while I was accepted and was taken by the church to Jimma Bible College,” Hussein said. “There I had the seal to preach the gospel within the Jimma vicinity. Soon things turned bad. With my miraculous healing, especially carrying the cross sign around, I faced persecution from my own family as well as the community. It would have been safer for me to either kill myself or recant the Christian faith, but I endured it all, and finally I fled to Kenya in 2003.”

He was admitted to Pan Africa Christian University, and after earning his degree went on to obtain a Master of Leadership from the Nairobi International School of Theology. He is now pursuing another master’s degree, this one in peace and international relations, at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

“God has called me to a precious life,” he said. “I have no regrets, and I thank God for delivering me from Islam. I know I have to pay the price, since those who wish to live a godly life must be ready to face persecution.”

Hussein submitted his application for asylum to a third country on July 19, 2010 to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Officials there interviewed him on Nov. 4, 2010, and also last year, but to date he has not received a determination. A letter to the UNCHR requests that he not be returned to a country where he faces threats on his life or freedom.

A decision is expected at a scheduled May 17 appointment.