How could: the ministers of God: like you


@-> when the best: among: men: he wants to do a good job: for love of the your creator? God commands: immediately an angel: to hit him: 1. flagellation, 2. crown of thorns; 3. crucifixion; 4. spear in the heart! since God can not be glorified: by a carnal man: that: he must die, because: God can be served: by only: a spiritual man! But, now, a spiritual man resurrected? He ends: and began to suffer: to rule the world! here's why: Catholic priests: they commit blasphemy when they say: "diseases?: are a gift from God!" .. In fact, many saints: (in order to benefit mankind?): they continue to suffer: only: for: their explicit: the request! but this is not my case! for: I have decided: to kill: so: in mode supernatural: all the traitors of my kingdom!

I was attacked by haker: and now, they have changed: my "bios" on a laptop: it: I can not use: more do reading: the reader: of: my: CD DVD that: it was renamed as: "* __ etc. .. etc. .. "but, for another laptop? have destroyed the file system and I can not reinstall windows.. their goal? do lost: against me: the my time: and: my money! [[TO DO: DESPITE A: AGAINST ME?]] 1. GOOGLE CHROME: HAS SET: VERY "BAD": his WINDOW: OF HIS traslator! WHEN: 2. YOUTUBE becomes: in numbers indecipherable: the clues of my friends! lorenzojhwh .. A: LxP2FvWwz3eNdP9a08FAcg - ANSWER -> YOU GUYS! you have the "syndrome of Cain"! but will, perhaps: you people? you who have chosen: to be Satanists criminals: of IMF-NWO: ALL of them to do evil against all peoples: CIA MOSSAD? you have already ruined peoples: too: ENOUGH: certainly: you will be punished!

@ IsraelNationalTV -> Freemasonry: namely, the synagogue of Satan: 1. was born: in: the slavery of Egypt! are them, that: 2. have broken: down: every possibility of resistance of the people: because stabbing the back: the heroes and patriots: of the Jews! 3. they did sin, of Moses in the desert! and taken away: the hope of entering the "Promised Land" to Him! 5. they have cursed Israel mightily! 6. They are our rabbis: that is, the Pharisees: IMF: and all their accomplices in the NWO! I am compelled by God(like Jonah) to forgive all, but I pray everyday for God to make a massacre of them all: for not to give me: this disgust: that is: of having to forgive them!

kwv1 -> is for mercy: that: we have extended: the salvation outside of Christianity .. though? 1. Christians go to hell: very right: like everyone else! 60%: of all mankind? is for the hell (geenna). 2. 39.9%? is in purgatory (ade:sheol): that it's the same suffering: physical: that is in the hell, but, in place of demons: there are the holy angels: to make a comfort sweet! "born again"?: it is indispensable to achieve: the same divine nature of God himself: it: Christians do not become children of God: automatically, but only: through: 1. an active apostolate: 2. a personal and individual relationship with God!

@ YHWH -> "Lord Have mercy of us! Christ's mercy!" -> People are all sinners dead: all grass:for the fire: up soon: 3°WWnuclear! that's why: for my love and mercy: I will draw: to me it all: the human race! @ youtube-Synnek1= satanist = youtube= IHateNEWLAYOUT:you suck! @ all Governs --> the way of love? is always the cheapest! that's why I will draw: to me it all: the human race! @ youtube-Synnek1: all satanists and freemasons this is the one: that: it really matters!
My heart is full of love and happiness! because: my future is bright .. while: the your heart((perverse and evil)) is oppressed: with sadness .. because: your Satan: has already lost its future

-How could: the ministers of God: like you,

@ 2628342 -How could: the ministers of God: like you, tolerate, to be the accomplices and even be the supporters: the most powerful form: of Satanism, that, has ever existed in the history of mankind? Since: Popes and the Catholic Monarchs: they knew: very well: 1. [[as you have washed: your sins in the blood of Christian babies: lambs: animals in human form,]] 2. [[All the hatred of your Talmud]]: it is clear they thought they could control this situation .. but now they are all dead! But, without love (mercy and compassion) of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Princes: to: our shared patriarchs, etc. .. etc. ..? today would not exist: one only jew: into the world: such as you have been cursed mightily: by IMF: Illuminati rabbis kakam:: scribes and Pharisees! ! Now, return to us: the gift of life that has been done to you: you take down: you destroy the IMF!
@ Rothschild and all his accomplices NWO IMF - when all the governments of the world, terrified to Nuclear Holocaust: deliver me: the Government and the Control of Their Nations? as I then? as: I could save: all your life damn?
@sithbane33 fck! The Talmud says that, you're an animal created by God, to be exploited by the Jews: only this: the scientific basis: of the eternal theory, of evolution: that Darwin himself had failed, because he not had found: a single fossil transition: while: the 99%: of all the fossils? they should all be: all transitional fossils! TotalImplosion said: The only countries not controlled by Rothschilds are Cuba, Iran and North Korea. HORROR! [The devastating power of: Unius Rei]: If I am Unius Rei: that is the Governor: Universal: sent by the Kingdom of God on this: colony penal: ie: the planet earth! I has the total politic powers of representation of Kingdom of God... So: this is my power: namely, to have: the word creative! because: only: this could be the meaning of delegation: in white: that has give God: to me, because: I can exercise a ministry of universal political. The responsibilities of God: are only to ones to realize: as, I have said: in time and in manner: which He has chosen! @ramadann1431--- there is no Antichrist: or maitreya: that: he can think: of fight against: Unius Rei. because: they know: as: I swat them: like flies: on the wall! but: I am not motivated: by feelings: of revenge: about: the Christian martyrs, that were killed: before: of my rising! and because: I will accept: the submission: even of the demons? then: I will not refuse: the help: of anyone!
@israelnationaltv-- Neturei Karta: ie: "2628342". they are the: most squalid: that: I know! 1. they have sold: Israel: at the destruction: already programmed. 2. are the main allies: of the Satanism: of Rothschild: and the: IMF: 3. they know: that: will be: a huge massacre: on a global scale: 4. but, they would say: we are innocent: about: the IMF and Israel: people do not kill us! 5. but: the Kaballah of Rothschild? he never spared: the Jews! indeed: it is for: my powers: of: Unius Rei, that: I can rip to Satan, from inside: the hell: [where is the 60%: ​​of the whole: human race] that is: all those lost souls: and all the demons, that, they will accept: that: they will want: to enter: my service: for subduing: themselves: to my power! That God: may be glorified, supremely! and be supremely humiliated Satan! however, I have a pain .. with this my ministry? I postponed: the end, of this: Mankind Criminal: and consequence: manifestation: of: Anti Christ: and Christ: about: of 300 years later..
@IsraelNationalTV: certain: I am always aware: When you talk about me .. this happens: every time: that: I has writing: an article .. is as follows: 1. the intensity of ultrasound: in the right lobe: of my brain? are the comments: of my friends: 2. and ultrasound: in the left lobe: of my brain? are my enemies! but: my enemies? they no longer have a life, because: God has said to me: "Sit thou at my right: hand, until: I put: all of your enemies: a footstool: for: your feet!" here because: their resistance: is useless .. In fact, good men: they will not do: kill themselves: by Rothschild: this time! "one King: for one Kingdom" - ♰ AMEN ♛ MENE Techel PERES: in Jesus's name! Racist Zionist elite Masons Islamist leaders to accomplices of the IMF-World Order: ie: all Satanists? have no right to speak: in Israel! because: if: I look: in my face: all those: who insist: on speaking ill: of me? are those: who: have: filled their: the bill: in the bank, but: no longer have: a life in the Kingdom of God: because: they themselves have: hundreds of millions: of people: that are starved: to death, for their guilty etc. .. etc. .. all the people death: on their conscience .. at contrary: they no longer have a conscience .. that's why: their word: as their opinion? has no value!
kwv1 said: 1. o you belive, that the whole bible: is true (new: and old: testament)? you believe, that Jesus Christ is messiah: and that Jesus is God? you believe, that the only SALVATION: is in Jesus? is necessary to be born again, if you want to be rescued from hell? --ANSWER- 1. only: the Old Testamen:t has been corrupted: in a few passages (from: which the Talmud: was born) .. but: the prophets: have correct: the corrupted! 2. of course! 3. of course, but, in his goodness: He will not reject: the good people! 4.NO! is only to receive the divine nature!