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@Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM:"IsraelNational­TV"- Satanism of the Talmud? exceed: enormously: the ideology of Satanism itself: why says that all men are animals evolved: while: the Talmud: of Our masters: Illuminati: IMF: says that men: are only them, while all others: are only animals in human form: these fools Rabbis Kakam of Enlightened? have the resources: and the power to put the micro-chip at all: their animals (goyim) to do of: the whole: human race, one only: bunch of slaves! Well I know that, all the political, you're only clowns: puppetry: all prostitutes of Fund: at sold all souls to hell: in the Freemasons .. But: I swear in the name of the living God: You do not have tears and despair: you can imagine, if you: with all the other politicians in the world will not find: a solution to this: IMF: and for what: that: I can understand? the solution can be: only: the Kingdom of Unius Rei! - Muslims and communists? are people too: ignorant: evil: their cultural background? is incomplete! They do not know that, with the founding of the Bank of England are the Jews, who took control: "Masonic" of: New World Order: of the IMF: of the policy, as of the institutions: and all others: a strategic resource: ie, of all .. thus, the "Commonwealth" was abandoned only because it was replacement: a satanic Imperialism: perverse and even more refined: that is, the IMF's bank seigniorage! When these cursed by God: of Muslims and communists see Christians, who make war against them? they do not understand, who are not Christians: to have the control: of the power! So you yourselves are the instigators: and the real cause of the martyrdom of Christians in our modern history and contemporary world! because this is in fact: Christians have no one who can protect them! I know when they can be: the pieces of shit, all other (non-Jews), but God does not want: that: you do the role: of the Egyptian Pharaohs (Illuminati) against: them: because: is this, that he decided: the IMF of Rothschild: to do of everything: from the human race: one and only "bunch of slaves!" (microchip and NWO) and no Freemason, Satanist or jew: can ignore this fundamental truth! Now, if God does not: it gave me: a kingdom of angels, to govern? ie, this ministry political of: "Unius Rei"? God give me, also, the means: to handle this: situation! If you continue: to make cowards: the dangerous traitors, of all the nations: behind your computer? you alone: you will be responsible of the blood: innocent: of your, and, of our children! How many countries: the Romans were forced to destroy? and what people have been completely displaced from them? we know what they were: the Romans, practical, rational and tolerant .. Now if we look at the history of these: last: 4000 years, we must recognize that there is a problem in the Jewish people (beyond the romanticized reconstructions: partisan or interpretations) .. This problem is certainly not the religion, but: it is much more of a feeling of racism, and contempt, is, hatred covered with hypocrisy (ie, Talmud and Kabbalah) against: to all the goyim, that's what led to say "final Solution": "either we, or their" guys, you are worse than Muslims! because: you represent (through a silence: an accomplice, because, quite self-defeating) the parasitic organism of the IMF. this evening, for the first time in my life: the Holy Spirit has made ​​you feel to me the great love that there is: in the people of the Jews: that is, one: for others: it is a love that: is so great: they become very tolerant, almost complicit: that is, as a love among of women .. for the first time in my life: I have heard: myself, in the midst of this: Jewish love: it was not something collective: or generic, but it was a specific love: a love only my own, just only: for me. as well: my stream of love: very was specific: that is right for everyone of you! as I have experienced: this intense love jewis in the holy spirit? I could not avoid: to think of Jesus: and I said: the Jews? they could not kill him, as are in possessing: of an such love: some, for others? they can not kill: their: each other! and also, if Jesus was pleased: of to be killed? to make of himself, the sacrificial lamb? However: only: the Pharisees of Talmud: of Satan synagogue: ie rabbis Kakam: Illuminati could do a job like that! here is: why these criminals: sold to the devil, and played too of cunning, against the goodness of my Jewish people. had fun too: with all kinds of wars, murder: Shoah Holocaust, ecc.. now, this cruel game of the IMF: against: the Jews and against all peoples? well, soon: it must end!


كويتي بحق ! الغني في القلب الصالح الذي يمد يده للجميع شكرا لك اخي
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1 / 2 @ YHWH -> [[glory to God forever! ]] @ To all my brothers, of all religions: I could never be better, of the wonderful and beautiful: Pope John PaoloII, he has convened, several times, in Assisi, all the religions of the world, for a universal embrace of friendship, respect and peace, and that, he asked, even the forgiveness: of the story is, like: of all peoples, over and over again, for all the mistakes, of the Catholic Church .. since, as is normal, every human is made: there is: lights and shadows, but these shadows have been a scandal that has tarnished the GLORY of GOD,

2 / 2 @ YHWH -> [[glory to God forever! ]] @ To all my brothers, of all religions today, even I, together with the Holy Father: Pope Benedict XVI, we, once again, in the communion of the Holy Mother Church and with the Holy Spirit .. We want to ask the forgiveness of all sins past and present: of the Church: we promise to never make more: an act of imperialist of the Christianity. why be not: the name of God, to suffer scorn, because of us ... but, as is said, by our holy fathers Jews: we also say: "Shame on us, Lord God, you forgive us." for all the times that we were not eligible to serve you, as you would have earned. thanks my Lord JHWH

@ muslims -> the best person in the world: very for good? is my best friend of many years: it is a Muslim: "SuperLion911". He apologized to me for all the violence, that their ancestors have done, against Christians .. here is a person who has understood, really, what is Islam. He "SuperLion911", is my friend: of
Kuwait: God bless greatly Kuwait, for him: Amen, Hallelujah .. well, thanks to his example, also, I wanted to ask forgiveness at Muslims, for all the violence, that my ancestors have done against them.


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@trophycute SoqueiArolaEmJesus -> together with the Tsar Nicholas II? There Are Thousands Of People Who Have Been at the Noah's Ark on Mount Arat .. but, the Masonic government of Turkey, hide this truth (as if to say That the Bible is false, but, the Koran is true. but, only idiots do not realize, That, the Koran is a work of esoteric: and it is Because Muslims are forced to be: criminals ignorant Murderers.. to keep Their Lies! Turkish shit! where are the Armenians?), and also: make as a favor, to the synagogue of Satan, of enlightened: the Jewish banking lobbies of seigniorage, I know with the IdeologicalCrime: of:evolution (LOL. eternal theory)? You Could Remain a brain full of shit .. for the exploitation of your enslavement

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@trophycute SoqueiArolaEmJesus -> you are shit! animals? have more Dignity: than you! not as an atheist, but as derogatory and vulgar ... etc. .. etc. ... Because, you can not, receive anything from God, without faith! What is your hope? That since, the exodus of Jews from Egypt: is been, a historical fact? Were in fact the Jews in the desert of Saudi Arabia, why, fear of the Egyptians was huge! is in the desert of Saudi Arabia: is: the real Sinai: also, where Moses Received the Ten Commandments, which effectively Condemn you to the hell: also! Also the hell it is right for you!

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SuperLion911 (1 day ago) كويتي بحق! صدقني اخي انا لوا اني كنت في ولدة قبل 1600 سنه لما لطغت يدي في دم مسيحي واحد والرحمه تمنعني ان اقوم بهذا العمل والله يحفضكم ويجعل السعاده والفرح في ايامكم
Skateboarderx543 Is this war or something? - ANSWER-> I love you: my brother: (SuperLion911) and my friend (Skateboarderx543). these: Freemasons have destroyed: Christian civilization: and now, They No Longer Have The cultural categories, to make peace! and Therefore, No Longer know how to make peace! if you do not support the Christian Civilization: Humanities: personalistic: metaphysics? They all die very soon. is why. i am univesal Brotherhood

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Riddimtownradio SAID: I am for Allah and Allah only. King of Kings --ANSWER-> Allah is God in heaven. but you are on earth: in this your Islamic Sharia your curse: for you will continue to kill and be killed! Therefore, you are a threat to world peace: and that's, what you have been for 1600 years! because you have turned a noble religion(Islam) in an act of imperialism! You can not live: more. if I not become your king. I am on earth: the highest level of truth and justice, as Allah is in heaven ... but it is about him that I am the Mahdi

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Riddimtownradio SAID: Isam is my life,and no one can change that.ok-- ANSWER->THE CEMETERY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE: of course! since you buy, your money: to interest from your own mortal enemy, it's him, that he wanted to make you a bad man, for to hurt innocent Christians, who are among you! Because, your destruction should look, like, a necessary and just, as like: it was done, for Nazism too! Because it's true, that you are a criminal, not wanting to recognize the freedom of religion!... IL CIMITERO CAMBIERÀ LA TUA VITA: certamente! poiché tu compri, i tuoi soldi: ad interesse: proprio dal tuo nemico mortale, è lui, che, ha voluto fare di te, un uomo cattivo, per ferire i cristiani innocenti, che, sono in mezzo a voi! Poiché, la tua distruzione deve apparire, come, un atto necessario e giusto, così: è stato fatto, per il nazismo: anche! Poiché è proprio vero, che, tu sei un criminale: non volendo riconoscere la libertà di religione!

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سعيد: SuperLion911
كويتي بحق ! انت محق الجميع في الظلام ولا احد يفهم معني النور
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@anderson45887 -->what you say, it's terrible .. God will punish all criminals! but they were Christians to liberate Kosovo, not you! instead you did after the war and the massacres have destroyed churches and monasteries ... you are the real criminal: of course! the soldiers are all criminals, but Islam is an ideology:criminal, still .... Christianity is a religion: only, so they are always the Zionists to do evil, through the symbols of Judaism and cristianesimo. However, the potential of Islam today are the worst offenders,criminals! for the lack of freedom of religion

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@ Jews -> yes! the image of the Jew Messiah: for Our Times? he can only be: the lorenzojhwh UniusRei (as the prophet says Isaia11,1-5), the Mahdi: for universal brotherwood: Obviously, this is the Kingdom of Israel and the world: + shalom, salam +, =, love blessings too ... there are not, Another Road, for remove this curse, That has imprisoned the human race .. you must see the policy and the reality of the world through the eyes of my heart ... I am a political and cultural project, That is, the secular Metaphysics: of the universal law, ie rational nature: 1. not doing wrong (justice), 2. do not lie (truth): against banking seigniorage, of masonry - enlightened, IMF-NWO.and of sharia, against: racism and all ideologies, for a Democratic humanism

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anonimus SAID: man look , i'm not understand you but i must tell you jesus christ is the real life the real road the real help sorry about my english because i'm arabic but just remember this at the end of the world or when you die your chance will lose , now you have the chance look for the arabs , jesus entered egypt and i m egyptien i must tell you everyday a miracle happens for christians , you know live is hard in egypt but we love our life in egypt , because we know when we die we will found jesus getting us to the new life , if you are not christian just you must be christian or you will lose your life ....
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mood99100 SAID: Discover Islam. The Fastest Growing Religion in the World! O. .. man ... Have not you thought-one day-about yourself? Who has made it? Have you seen designers to design Which Has not?! Have you seen a wonderful, delicate work without a worker?! It's you and the whole universe! Who has Made Them All?! You know who? .. It's "ALLAH", prize to be HIM. Just think for a moment. - ANSWER-> GOOD: is all this: your proof: about God! But Christianity is in crisis, while Islam is more intollernante, criminal, for suffocation of the universal right of freedom of religion: ie, santanAllah is expanding,

2 / 5 mood99100 -> because Rothschild (666) and Bush (322), have planned this, to completely destroy the Kingdom of God on earth, and to do, namely, the New Tower of Babel (IMF-NWO). which is the Kingdom of Satan! Therefore, as they have destroyed and made illegal the Nazis? In the same way: they have decided to do with the Koran ... and they have the right of the story, too: because it is true, that, you are criminals with whom, it is not possible to live: you are the most suffocating dictatorship satanic, after the enlightened: of course! so the 3 rd WWnuclear it is against all of you! but you have no hope of success! no technically, no spiritually, because the blood of innocent Christian martyrs, of these 1600 years, as 300 Christian martyrs of every day? everything is against you, at the throne of God

3 / 5 mood99100 SAID: How are you going to be after death?! Can you believe That this exact system of the universe and all of These great creation will end in in nothing ... just after death! Have you thought, for a second, How to save your soul from Allah's punishment?! Have not you thought about what is the right religion?! That it is the religion the right Bible-which is not distorted-has preached. Just have a look at The Bible of (Bernabo). - ANSWER -> this fact, that the Bible has been falsified? is a lie, which is not compatible: with people, that: they follow God! only: with: with the ignorance, violence, therefore, that you have been able: to spread your curse Islamic: on all the world .. against all the unhappy that: they came in contact with you? all of them were exterminated, as the Armenians, etc. ..

4 / 5 @ mood99100 -> Every day innocent people are killed by you: ie, 300 Christians marthirs from you, from your criminal and satanic racist! Do you believe that Satanists: Jewish lobbies of Americans are fools? They charge you too: money at interest! what hope you have to win: against them? They will the neck, the brainwashed Christian peoples: exasperated by your Islamic intolerance: a terrible war, that will only see the victory of satanaRothscild: in the whole world! Before destroying their enemy? the enlightened Jewish Americans lead him to become bad and even dangerous you... you are making their game!

5 / 5 @ mood99100 -> since the French Revolution, they through the masonry, the banking system? they have taken control of the world! Why the Catholic Church has done more than 600 anathemas against freemasonry? But now: she is forced to be silent! You need to look at the reality, also, through: the eyes of your victims! Transforming a religion in imperialism? is just the perfect job of satanaAllah and your damn prophet .. What do you say to Satanists? tell: "Destroy the Muslims? Was inevitable!!" because the Zionist Satanists, they win against us, for their cunning!