devastating power of: Unius Rei

i am king of Palestine & Israel: my kingdom for universal brotherhood

@elite leaders - you will not want to believe, to all the bullshit of the religion?
really: you will be so naive? but, you really think: that: alms, or prayers, or sacrifices: they can have: some value: when at its foundation: there is no justice? Jesus said: "Whoever would save his life? Lose it!": "You can not serve two masters!" Who does not hate his life in this world will lose it ".. here's why: if you not risk your life .. for, you have to leave: 666 rothscild Kabbalah, Talmud 322 bush: and come and not see me immediately!
but even the old testament says the same thing: the very first commandment!
@ Freemasons, Satanists Illuminati: seigniorage banking Sharia communist political elites leading media executives: - 666 Kabbalah: Talmud 322: - but, what do you expect? that God would never lead: to you: your account: for all your crimes?: for being a traitor: of his Kingdom? lol. However, I have good news: it's good for you! "All your relatives? are all in the infinite anguish: in an abyss of despair, and destruction without remedy: your father's house: Satan, hell, but, you still do not: that is, you're not still there gone! "
@ Jews - no longer: to Rothschild: that you must watch! because: he's damaged the cane: that: when you support: for making pressure on it?: then: breaks "collapse IMF": becoming a sharp weapon: and you pierce the hand: piercing it, this is the time: that: you look to your King: lorenzojhwh Unius REI .. about the fact that I am not jew? this is a false problem, since there are many examples in the Bible, of the goyim, who powerfully: has delivered and blessed Israel. first: of all: Melchizedek: o: Malki-tzédek מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶק: / :מַלְכִּי־צָדֶק: "Il mio Re è giusto". those who speak against me? is like Lucifer, who, he said: "You can do better." lol. yes, but then became Satan!
My detractor? is like: Adam.. lol. but, then, he has lost his "paradise earth": making: downgrade: regress: in sin and in death!
but, as can be: not have an exemplary punishment, the denigrating : of Unius Rei?
Which of my enemies will not receive the "well served" by God "?
when you will hit? So, you say: "Lord I believe: forgiveness mercy: for me!"
@ kakam - you resign! If this ugly story of the IMF: I do not close it: peacefully? would be closed anyway: in a dramatic way! God has said: "Enough!"" enough! with all these stupid wars: about the religion! we give to all this: the final cut: who does the relione? He comes out of politics!
@Benjamin Netanyahu:FROM:"IsraelNational­TV"- Satanism of the Talmud? exceed: enormously: the ideology of Satanism itself: why says that all men are animals evolved: while: the Talmud: of Our masters: Illuminati: IMF: says that men: are only them, while all others: are only animals in human form: these fools Rabbis Kakam of Enlightened? have the resources: and the power to put the micro-chip at all: their animals (goyim) to do of: the whole: human race, one only: bunch of slaves! Well I know that, all the political, you're only clowns: puppetry: all prostitutes of Fund: at sold all souls to hell: in the Freemasons .. But: I swear in the name of the living God: You do not have tears and despair: you can imagine, if you: with all the other politicians in the world will not find: a solution to this: IMF: and for what: that: I can understand? the solution can be: only: the Kingdom of Unius Rei!

"you are all brothers, and the best among you is he who is in love of all other!"

Xpakipiglover SAID: just for ur information ,,, all population of ,,, goa ,,, was forcefull converted to catholism ,, womens breast were removed n women were hanged on church wall , rest hindus got so frightened thay they all became catholic ,,,, guess who done this !!!! ur european brothers show me similer case by hindus out side india --- ANSWER --> YOU ARE CRAZY! shows that: you said, or you shall die in this year: in more terrible pain!

@Xpakipiglover--> what about forceful conversion by deceipt christians !!! or thats ok ??? what about giving asprin and deceving to accept christianity?? 6 sister states were hindu states until ur lot forced christianity , now those fools want freedom , freedom from what ??? my comments were only for muslims but if u dont want my sub ,... , our problem is islam, what do u say, i can send u many videos were christianity is being forced on to ignorent and uneducated hindus, tell me one country where hindus r forcefully converting others !!!! -- ANSWER-> you're blind! just India: is a country: where Hindus: they force the conversion, because: your thinking: of an man can change his religion: for aspirin? this is thy wickedness! to see how: you treat the Pariah? Gandhi himself would beat you! you and your Govern have killed 20,000 Christians in Orissa only!
@ Rothschild -> are mine: all lives: all the valuable creatures: made ​​by God! I tied my soul: with the soul of the world! I am: the greatest king in the history of this unfortunate: human race, and, I am also your king! to me: must obey: even: all supernatural beings! you do not have one option: against me. you can not override: also: my authority: "You are a usurper: and the criminal career: of your family? is over!". that: it is important for you today: January 24, 2012?: you might still be: my friend .. I command: in the name of the God of Abraham, to you, and to all your satans: to leave to me, the direction of the IMF and of the New World Order: today same

@ IsraelNationalTV-> My dear friend! I know: very well that: religion or faith: not has an relation: with the policy ... But I also know: that: I am become: the living model: ie, secular ethics. why: do not my inner: beliefs, but, my attitudes, that is my secularism: are become the criteria: of reference: of the same: concept: of: true or false: of: right or wrong .. here's why: God has given: of me: " the ": metaphysical man .. because: if God exists .. and: now I do not know: this .. certainly: say!
He would say: of course:
"you are all brothers, and the best among you is he who is in love of all other!"

@ IsraelNationalTV -> My dear brother! we have arrived: at a crossroads: to a point of no return ... This is certain for me: "have decided: to destroy it; all: life on the planet", and then, like Noah, underground: come out with their Satanist: and aliens to the world as they like .. since they have many things: by the criticize: about: what God would do: forgetting that God: not has done: this world (which we all, we have ruined through: sin), but, has done the Garden of Eden!

@ Rothschild -> Mine are: all lives: all the valuable creatures: Made by God! I tied my soul: with the soul of the world! I am: the greatest king in the history of this unfortunate: human race, and, I am your king Also! to me, must obey: even: to supernatural Beings! you do not have one option: against me. you can not override: also: my authority: "You are a usurper: and your criminal career: as, of your family? is over." that: it is important for you today: January 24, 2012?: You Might Be still: my friend .. I command you: in the name of the God: of Abraham, to you, and to all your Satans : to leave to me the direction of the IMF and of the New World Order: today: same

[[The devastating power of: Unius Rei

]]: If I am Unius Rei: that is the Governor: Universal: sent by the Kingdom of God on this: colony penal: ie: the planet earth! I has the total politic powers of representation of Kingdom of God... So: this is my power: namely, to have: the word creative! because: only: this could be the meaning of delegation: in white: that has give God: to me, because: I can exercise a ministry of universal political. The responsibilities of God: are only to ones to realize: as, I have said: in time and in manner: which He has chosen! @ramadann1431--- there is no Antichrist: or maitreya: that: he can think: of fight against: Unius Rei. because: they know: as: I swat them: like flies: on the wall! but: I am not motivated: by feelings: of revenge: about: the Christian martyrs, that were killed: before: of my rising! and because: I will accept: the submission: even of the demons? then: I will not refuse: the help: of anyone!
@israelnationaltv-- Neturei Karta: ie: "2628342". they are the: most squalid: that: I know! 1. they have sold: Israel: at the destruction: already programmed. 2. are the main allies: of the Satanism: of Rothschild: and the: IMF: 3. they know: that: will be: a huge massacre: on a global scale: 4. but, they would say: we are innocent: about: the IMF and Israel: people do not kill us! 5. but: the Kaballah of Rothschild? he never spared: the Jews! indeed: it is for: my powers: of: Unius Rei, that: I can rip to Satan, from inside: the hell: [where is the 60%: ​​of the whole: human race] that is: all those lost souls: and all the demons, that, they will accept: that: they will want: to enter: my service: for subduing: themselves: to my power! That God: may be glorified, supremely! and be supremely humiliated Satan! however, I have a pain .. with this my ministry? I postponed: the end, of this: Mankind Criminal: and consequence: manifestation: of: Anti Christ: and Christ: about: of 300 years later..
@IsraelNationalTV: certain: I am always aware: When you talk about me .. this happens: every time: that: I has writing: an article .. is as follows: 1. the intensity of ultrasound: in the right lobe: of my brain? are the comments: of my friends: 2. and ultrasound: in the left lobe: of my brain? are my enemies! but: my enemies? they no longer have a life, because: God has said to me: "Sit thou at my right: hand, until: I put: all of your enemies: a footstool: for: your feet!" here because: their resistance: is useless .. In fact, good men: they will not do: kill themselves: by Rothschild: this time! "one King: for one Kingdom" - ♰ AMEN ♛ MENE Techel PERES: in Jesus's name! Racist Zionist elite Masons Islamist leaders to accomplices of the IMF-World Order: ie: all Satanists? have no right to speak: in Israel! because: if: I look: in my face: all those: who insist: on speaking ill: of me? are those: who: have: filled their: the bill: in the bank, but: no longer have: a life in the Kingdom of God: because: they themselves have: hundreds of millions: of people: that are starved: to death, for their guilty etc. .. etc. .. all the people death: on their conscience .. at contrary: they no longer have a conscience .. that's why: their word: as their opinion? has no value!
LaVeraDottrina said: Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, SESS. XI Bull "Cantate Domino", 1442: "(The Most Holy Roman Church) firmly believes, professes: and preaches: that none of those: that: they are out: the Catholic Church, not only pagans: but: also Jews or heretics and schismatics , can acquire: eternal life, but, that will go: into eternal fire - ANSWER - yOU AND YOUR Pope: PRE-VATICAN II? yOU confuse. SALVATION: (DONATED tO GOD: FOR tHE MERITS OF CHRIST: to all good man: WITH the DIVINE NATURE .. because: of inaccuracies existed: in the past! this SHOULD be ADJUSTED: As, EVER: the TRADITION: or: the TEACHINGS: WILL BE HIGHER: of the SAME WORD of GOD.. with this structure: of Chinese boxes? you do: the Talmud: or: the Koran: of the Christian: to kill all: who do not think: like you! but: that's why: I'm Unius Rei: ie: to open: the Kingdom of God: to non-Christians! BUT: AS YOU CAN CONCEIVE: A GOOD GOD: THAT SEND you, at the HELL: ONLY: WHY: you DO NOT FORM PART: OF one RELIGION?! BUT, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: THERE: BETWEEN: YOU AND: JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, JEWS: MUSLIMS: etc. .. that is, all the others? that: difference: there is: between: your formalism: and formalism: of the scribes and Pharisees? God wanted: all very simple: way: he would not have damaged: the lowly: simple: uneducated! You're out: either: you're in: Christianity: only: for the respect: of the two basic tenets! here's why: Jehovah's Witnesses: can not be Christians! in the complexity? is Satan! actually I am the greatest enemy: of modernism: and masonry: why: I has hit: at his heart: the IMF: or, banking seigniorage
kwv1 said: 1. o you belive, that the whole bible: is true (new: and old: testament)? you believe, that Jesus Christ is messiah: and that Jesus is God? you believe, that the only SALVATION: is in Jesus? is necessary to be born again, if you want to be rescued from hell? --ANSWER- 1. only: the Old Testamen:t has been corrupted: in a few passages (from: which the Talmud: was born) .. but: the prophets: have correct: the corrupted! 2. of course! 3. of course, but, in his goodness: He will not reject: the good people! 4.NO! is only to receive the divine nature!