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Arabia Saudita

@Arabia Saudita --> @ lover05-> my friend! You have a wonderful God, full of endless love and tenderness for you, but you can not see! you can not hear or understand! Because your life is not soft: easy! The biggest pain for everyone? is the awful silence of God! But if he had not hidden? Then, not should be, the reward of faith: also! Given that our works good: of course: they are essential: however, they are not sufficient for salvation.

Saudi Arabia @ -> @ lover05-> my friend! the second greatest suffering? is to give to another man, all over the world, : one suffering, because, contrary to what he says, the satanic Talmud? and your damn satanAllah the Koran? We are all brothers! But in Saudi Arabia and all Muslim nations in the world? many man and women every day are killed and torturale: illegally detained in prison: guilty of calling God in different ways: jast: only. That's why, I will be against this devastating your satanic Islam, you know. for I know that Islam is truly a saint, in fact, I am one of many Mahdi Army: in mode supernatural, that is, the more important Mahdì, why, well: I am the King of Israel and UniusRei before the Mahdi: perfect, that is the Messiah who is coming back That is, between 300 years

Saudi Arabia

@, China, North Korea, India - I'm the only man in the
world, that can: the universal brotherwood, and to blocked the agenda of the enlightened: with success. to breaking down the national debt and give: the money to all countries of the world: for gratis. is obvious: taxes should disappear: in the world (scientist Giacinto Auriti)! I am the only person, that, can save or avoid from: the already scheduled: 3rd WWnuclear, but I will not be able to do anything, if you do not proclaim the right to freedom of religion: that, is the perfect equality of all citizens: before the State. Since. there is no war, that ,may come into the world unless it exists, a great: social injustice and racism. Since no one can be more satanic: of the enlightened? they have supremacy, and, will always to win: as always, by five century: ie, banking seigniorage! In fact, you have no an hope, without me!