Afghan widows protest in Kabul

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    @ King Saudi Arabia Arab League, worldwide caliphate - I suffer to think, that God, my God: JHWH, has programmed me. to save a piece of shit like you! @King Saudi Arabia Lega Araba, califfato mondiale -- io soffro a pensare, che, Dio, mio Allah, ha programmato me. per salvare un pezzo di merda come te!
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    @ King Saudi Arabia (Arab League): there is one aspect: very nice, of this: World War III, is: that, the Americans won, etc. .. or, whether, they win, the Russians, etc. ..? always, you're dead, really good, always, and in any case! while, Israel was programmed by me, to resist any thing! because, if, Israel were destroyed? then, satanists IMF 666, ie, all, aliens abductions, zombies, of: Rothschild? could not be stopped! @King Saudi Arabia (Lega Araba): c'è un aspetto: molto simpatico, di questa: III guerra mondiale, sia: che, vincono gli americani, ecc.. o, sia che, vincono, i Russi, ecc..? tu sei morto, molto bene, sempre e, comunque! mentre, Israele è stato programmato da me, a resistere ad ogni cosa! perché, se Israele fosse distrutto, gli zombies 666 di Rothschild? non potrebbero essere fermati!
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    of course, someone may even believe that he is right, while Unius REI is wrong .. but this is the truth, without, Unius REI, no one's life: of none, can be safe, on this planet, that's why, you are forced to do what I want! lol. after all, the monarchy, not is democracy! lol. on the other hand, I'm not a dictator cheerful? certo, qualcuno può anche credere che, lui ha ragione, mentre Unius REI ha torto.. ma, questa è la verità, senza Unius REI, la vita di: nessuno, può essere al sicuro, su questo pianeta, ecco perché, voi siete costretti a fare, quello, che io voglio! lol. dopotutto, la monarchia, non è la democrazia! lol. in compenso, non sono io un dittatore allegro?
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    @Abu Antar, any sharia, any jihad, and, there is, always, his caliphate worldwide, for slavery universal, for you, the Corano, is like, talmud for pharisees! who is speaking ill of me, to my shoulders now? you do not know, that who rejects? , him is that buy!
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    Abu Antar jihd, sharia, has posted a comment   time ago, @ Burger King --- you do not have: to worry about the drive thru order Placed against me. because i have ordered a chicken sandwich with no mayonnaise! @ 322 IMF Pharisees - [taking my order] no i do not want your extra size soft drink! drink your poisons made ​​by yourself! - Answer - REALLY? you're the one who had to prove that the Sunnis are cowards, but I see this, the coward's you, in fact, you're not left for Syria, still, again, you are here! you dont go to make, the worldwide caliphate of the Shia
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    @ Eih, Sauro Saudi King ---> You do not have to be good, only, to exterminate the Christians, around, the world, to see: along to your friend: religious maniac, a Pharisee Rothschild, who, both, of you: is better, to destroy Christianity, because, I have specialized: myself, to solve all the problems, of the antichrists, as Zapatero .. but this you must know, if you do not resolve, properly, the Palestinian question? you will have problems, by me! why, I will solve it my way! tu non devi essere bravo, soltanto, a sterminare i cristiani, in tutto il mondo, per vedere: insieme al tuo amico: maniaco religioso, di un fariseo Rothschild, chi, di voi due: è più bravo a distruggere il cristianesimo, perché, io ho specializzato: me stesso, a risolvere, tutti i problemi degli anticristo, come Zapatero.. ma, questo tu devi sapere, se, tu non risolvi, adeguatamente, la questione palestinese? tu avrai dei problemi da me! perché, la risolverò io a modo mio!
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    @Merkel, CIA, NATO, IIlIIlllI, IHateNEWLAYOUT voodoo cannibal - you seem to me: two employees to "funeral", that you were: to see: as: your system masonico: shit: Bildenberg of occult powers, IMF-NWO, must die quickly! " que me parecen: dos empleados a "funeral", que fueron los siguientes: a ver: por ejemplo: su Masonico sistema: mierda: Bildenberg de poderes ocultos, el FMI-NWO, debe mueren rápidamente! "- Sie scheinen mir: zwei Mitarbeiter zu "Beerdigung", dass Sie waren: zu sehen: zum Beispiel: Ihr System masonico: Scheiße: Bildenberg der okkulten Kräfte, IWF-NWO, müssen sterben schnell! " - vous me semblez: deux employés de «funérailles», que vous étiez: à voir: comme: votre masónico du système: merde: Bildenberg de pouvoirs occultes, FMI-NWO, doit mourir rapidement! " voi mi sembrate: due addetti alle "pompe funebri",
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    04/26/2013. KOREA North. Beatification cause for bishop of Pyongyang, martyr of a decimated Church. Episcopal Conference of South Korea has asked Rome to beatify the "disappeared" bishop, but never declared dead, during the persecutions of Kim Il-sung against the North's Church. Together with his 80 companions, innocent martyrs of violence of the Stalinist regime: led by Kim Jong-un today. beatification process for the bishop of Pyongyang Msgr. Francis Borgia Hong Yong-ho and his 80 companions, martyrs of the persecution carried out by the Stalinist regime of Kim Il-sung immediately after the division of the Korean peninsula in 1948. This is an important step towards the recognition of the suffering of the Catholic community in the north, decimated by the ideological hatred of the Kim regime. --ANSWER--@China, Russia, THIS BOY Kim Jong-un? he must be exorcised from me soon!
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    and since, Orthodox bishops have been kidnapped by Chechens, to avenge their Islamist Chechen, that: he died in Boston, etc. .. then, the Russians came: in Syria, are: an action, in protection: of the American people, that: Obama has betrayed him for becoming the accomplice: of the: Caliphate worldwide, of the Arab League. et depuis, les évêques orthodoxes ont été enlevés par des Tchétchènes, pour venger leur islamiste tchétchène, que: il est mort à Boston, etc .. ensuite, les Russes sont venus: en Syrie, sont les suivants: une action, en matière de protection: le peuple américain, que: Obama a trahi pour devenir le complice des: califat mondial, de la Ligue arabe. i vescovi ortodossi sono stati rapiti dai ceceni, per vendicare il loro islamista: ceceno, che: è morto a Boston, ecc.. poi, i Russi intervenendo: in Siria, fanno: una azione in tutela: del popolo americano, che: Obama, ha tradito, per essere diventato lui, il complice del Califfato mondiale della Lega Araba.
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    @ Arab League --- your lies, about, chemical weapons, that Assad would use? idiots! but, kidnapping: of: Orthodox bishops, who: were trying to free the priests, which you have, already, killed .. you gave to Russia, the right to intervene in Syria! @ جامعة الدول العربية --- أكاذيبك، حول، والأسلحة الكيميائية، أن الأسد سوف تستخدم؟ البلهاء! ولكن، والاختطاف: من: الأساقفة الأرثوذكس، الذين: كانوا يحاولون تحرير الكهنة، التي لديك، وبالفعل، قتل .. أعطيته إلى روسيا، الحق في التدخل في سوريا! @Lega Araba --- le vostre calunnie, circa, le armi chimiche, che, Assad avrebbe usato? idioti! ma, rapendo: i vescovi ortodossi, che: cercavano di fare liberare i sacerdoti, che voi avete, già, ucciso.. voi avete dato alla Russia: il diritto di intervenire in Siria!
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