together with the Tsar Nicholas II

@trophycute SoqueiArolaEmJesus -> together with the Tsar Nicholas II? There Are Thousands Of People Who Have Been at the Noah's Ark on Mount Arat .. but, the Masonic government of Turkey, hide this truth (as if to say That the Bible is false, but, the Koran is true. but, only idiots do not realize, That, the Koran is a work of esoteric: and it is Because Muslims are forced to be: criminals ignorant Murderers.. to keep Their Lies! Turkish shit! where are the Armenians?), and also: make as a favor, to the synagogue of Satan, of enlightened: the Jewish banking lobbies of seigniorage, I know with the IdeologicalCrime: of:evolution (LOL. eternal theory)? You Could Remain a brain full of shit .. for the exploitation of your enslavement

@trophycute SoqueiArolaEmJesus -> you are shit! animals? have more Dignity: than you! not as an atheist, but as derogatory and vulgar ... etc. .. etc. ... Because, you can not, receive anything from God, without faith! What is your hope? That since, the exodus of Jews from Egypt: is been, a historical fact? Were in fact the Jews in the desert of Saudi Arabia, why, fear of the Egyptians was huge! is in the desert of Saudi Arabia: is: the real Sinai: also, where Moses Received the Ten Commandments, which effectively Condemn you to the hell: also! Also the hell it is right for you!



I remember when I was a child and I was filled with mischief and adventure. I was lifting rocks looking for lizards on one occasion. When I lifted a particular rock I had a glimpse of a deadly brown snake and quickly dropped the heavy rock it had been sheltering under. The snake's back was crushed by the rock and I escaped unharmed. One of the numerous times I had been a breath away from death. What I did when I started looking for hope was just like the snake. I discovered a snake and the Rock was dropped on him and I escaped unharmed. Come and share with me in ChristianHopeVideos and learn of what it means to crush the snake lurking under the Rock.
Blessings ,

@Patrick Walker -> Satanism in youtube? blasphemy? forms of sexual perversion? animal sex? for all this? too, with your children (if you have the gift of being able to receive) .. all you pay with them, all the price of this curse. Your wealth and apparent power, momentary? the enlightened mind should be not deceive! Since you can not have the good doing wrong!

@Patrick Walker -> per tutto questo satanismo di youtube? forme di perversione sessuale? sesso di animali? anche tu, insieme ai tuoi figli(se avrai il dono di poterli ricevere).. voi tutti pagherete, il prezzo di questa maledizione. La vostra ricchezza e potenza apparente, momentanea: non dovrebbe ingannare una mente illuminata! Poiché non è possibile avere il bene facendo il male!

@Patrick Walker ->in the media, censorship only works: for the benefit of the Jewish lobbies: the seigniorage banking and his power occult: satanism, ecc... ie, those dogs of the racist Zionist of Talmud, all sons of 666Rothschild, and his six-pointed star, that it's never been the star of David, ie: synagogue of Satan, ie, banking seigniorage: for inevitable: 3 ° WWnuclear! But, if Satanists and their "instructions" of blasphemy have citizenship in youtube? then democracy is dead too!
@Patrick Walker -> nei media, la censura funziona soltanto: a vantaggio delle lobby ebraiche: del signoraggio bancario: cioè, quei cani: razzisti dei sionisti: figli di 666Rothschild e della sua stella a sei punte: che: non è mai stata la stella di Davide: cioè: la vera sinagoga di satana e del signoraggio bancario: per la inevitabile:3°WWnuclear! Ma se i satanisti e i loro: "istruzionii" per le bestemmie hanno cittadinanza in youtube? allora, la democrazia è morta ugualmente!

@Patrick Walker -> God is the most polite and kind person, caring and sensitive for to all of us, kind and benevolent, which, I might never know. Some people? I would kill them, in an instant! But, he: JHWH looks in our future, and HE hopes and waits: always our conversion (he says: "I think: Lawrence, Patrick, etc. ... will improve !")... You do not believe that, you may return to me, my UniusRei2?

@Patrick Walker --> Dio è la Persona più educata e gentile, premurosa e sensibile verso tutti noi, simpatica e benefica, che, io mai potrei conoscere. Certa gente? Io la ucciderei: in un attimo! Ma, lui guarda nel nostro futuro, e spera e attende: sempre la nostra conversione (lui dice:"io credo che: lorenzo, Patrick, ecc... migliorerà!")... Tu non credi, che, tu potresti restituire a me, il mio UniusRei2?

@ksrea --> I now have opened my page and you can comment freely!
but those of Muslims Satanists? have not signed the convention on fundamental human rights, because:
1. Satanists of Muslims want to continue to have slaves!
2. Satanists of Muslims want to Deny the right to freedom of religion!
that's why we are forced to kill them all, not to be exterminated by them!

God is my friend! and if the atheists: the religious subject, subject at their demon of religion, Satanists, Freemasons enlightened Zionists Sharia, etc. .. will to burst with envy? For me can die all together! but God is so humble, gentle, and lovable
that I do not know how you can not abuse him! In fact, it is inevitable for me, of be with him, in mode very arrogant! in truth I am a rough man

@ wishes to all the newlyweds! -> Today is my seventeenth: wedding anniversary, but, unfortunately, my wife has not given me permission to make a personal statement. However, the relationship with my wife? is still problematic, although we have never committed adultery. all those who are married: they should understand: that divorce is not an option: in fact, our life, does not belong to us, but belongs to society and children. Of course, faith in God has protected us! All women should understand that the happiness of a marriage is: humility and mutual submission, but is the wife who should set an example, unfortunately is the original sin that acts against all of us! All those who have lost their partners? Should recover him/her .. if possible, because the first marriage? it takes precedence over others!

Commento al tuo video: 79 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei
88tuner SAID: I don't get why the Muslim faith would deny a fellow Muslim the belief in Jesus. He is their messenger. Why persecute a person for belief in the very messenger of the Quran? This has always puzzled me. In my opinion, bias and hatred is the flaming sword that protects the tree of life. Love is the key to opening the door to eternal life. Clearly the message of Jesus to the brother Issac and Ishmael. --answer-> These Satanists of muslims, they think that Christians are idolaters (confusing: with the polytheists). And because the idolaters are bound to hell, it is better to kill them immediately, rather than other Muslims to go to hell: for apostasy and blasphemy, through evangelization.

Commento al tuo video on lorenzojhwh: open letter to muslims
eachtem SAID: want me to send it to all my Muslim friend in Canada?
Muslims are all wonderful, all better than Jews and Christians, certainly, in fact, they pray and the other: "no." But, this story of Christian martyrs that muslims kill? is a story that will end in tragedy for all. Like the Jews, only, can fight: Rothschild and the seigniorage banking? so only you (Western Muslims) can force the Muslim states to the secular state and the true freedom of religion!