[1/13] ]opendoorsuk . org [[[ Nigeria ]]] has the most Christian martyrs in 2010. If martyrdom is the sharpest edge of persecution, then Nigeria's Christians felt the blade fall more than any other Christian community in 2010, with roughly 2000 Christians killed in appalling religious riots in the northern states. Other countries where martyrs were notably high were Iraq (90 Christians killed); Pakistan and Laos (29 believers killed in each), and Egypt and India, with nine murdered Christians each. Ve bugün, çok hala hiçbir şey yok!

[2/13] opendoorsuk . org [[[ Nigeria ]]] is Africa's most populous country, and also contains Africa's largest church, but in some northern states a vicious war between Islamic extremists and Christians has been going on for many years. While it is mixed in with ethnic rivalries and land disputes, there is no doubt that many Christians are killed purely for their faith in this dangerous zone. In January alone a staggering seven hundred Christians were massacred and another five hundred in March, prompting the Archbishop of Jos, Ben Quashi, to declare, "Islamic extremists realise that to kill Christians in northern Nigeria is to turn off the taps of Christian evangelisation of Africa in general."

[3/13] opendoorsuk . org ---> [[[ Iraq ]]] comes in second as the country with the largest number of martyrs in the WWL reporting period with 90 Christians murdered. Most of these in the first part of the year were killed in the northern city of Mosul, where Muslim extremists are seeking to drive out the ancient Christian population. But the worst atrocity took place on October 31st in the capital Baghdad, where Islamic extremists held hostage and then killed at least 58 Syrian Catholics Christians as they met for a Sunday evening mass in their Cathedral of our Lady of Deliverance. Y hoy, por lo que muchos aún no hacen nada!

[4/13] opendoorsuk . org ---> The Christian community continues to exit Iraq in huge numbers, despairing of the government to protect them from extremist violence. Christians are estimated to number only 334,000 today, down more than half since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003, and their situation continues to deteriorate. Και σήμερα, τόσα πολλά ακόμα να κάνετε τίποτα!

[5/13] opendoorsuk . org ---> Pakistan is another country where violence from Islamic extremism is rarely punished by an increasingly ineffective government. At least once per month, a Christian was killed in this country, often as a result of orchestrated mob violence. A total of 29 deaths of Christians were recorded, though the true number may be higher. It is still all too easy to exploit the Blasphemy Laws, accusing anyone of insulting Islam which results in automatic imprisonment and often death in jail or otherwise. Et aujourd'hui, tant de toujours ne rien faire!

[6/13] opendoorsuk . org ---> In July two Christian brothers, Rashid and Sajid Emmanuel were charged with writing a pamphlet insulting Mohammed. However as the case proceeded it became clear that their signatures had been forged. On their way back to the courtroom, expecting exoneration, they were both shot dead by five armed, masked men. Anti-Christian riots went on for two nights. 而在今天,仍有不少做什么!

[7/13] opendoorsuk . org [[[ Tiny Laos]]] has a different anti-Christian dynamic. Still Communist, the mountain dwelling Hmong people are an extremely persecuted minority in this country, and some even try to stay independent of Lao government rule. Yet they are also very responsive to Christianity. All the Christians killed this year were shot by the military in two main incursions into their mountain strongholds. И сегодня, поэтому многие до сих пор ничего не делать!

[8/13] opendoorsuk . org [[[ In Egypt ]]] and [[[ India ]]] nine incidents of Christians being killed were recorded. In Egypt it is normally Coptic Christians who bear the brunt. The worst atrocity was when six Christians were gunned down in the city of Naga Hammadi after attending a church mass on January 6th, 2010. The violence is usually due to Islamic extremists, which is in contrast to India, where most Christians are killed by Hindu extremists. Pastors are a particular target, especially in India's vast hinterland, where police protection is minimal, and those who conduct open evangelism can pay a terrible price. Und heute, so viele noch gar nichts!

[9/13] opendoorsuk . org [[[ In Egypt ]]] and [[[ India ]]] Often the culprit is never known or found. For example, on the 2nd of May 2010 a church team went to a village in Bihar to screen a film about Jesus. When the generator went dead, a team member, thirty year old Ravi Murmu, went to fix it and disappeared.. Searchers later found his dead body riddled with deep knife wounds and his right hand cut off. והיום, כל כך הרבה ועדיין לא לעשות כלום!

[[[10/13] opendoorsuk . org --> These figures of Christians martyrs are compiled by the Research department of Open Doors as they gather information to publish their annual World Watch List, which ranks the fifty or so countries in which it is hardest to practice the Christian faith. They use multiple sources -- published and unofficial -- to confirm the numbers of deaths. The total number of Christians killed is certainly far higher, but so many deaths cannot be confirmed. North Korea, which normally ranks number one on the annual Open Doors World Watch List, واليوم، لا يزال الكثير من لا شيء!

[ 13] 11 opendoorsuk . org --> frequently executes Christians, and news trickles out from time to time of believers killed in the death camps where approximately 50,000-70,000 Christians languish. But such is the tightly closed nature of North Korean society, such reports are impossible to confirm though they are in all probability true. In other countries it is hard also to gain definitive statistics. In Afghanistan, a ten person medical team run by a Christian humanitarian organisation was slaughtered many believe by the Taleban in August, but reports vary as to how many of the group were actually Christian believers. Et aujourd'hui, tant de toujours ne rien faire!

[12/13] opendoorsuk . org --> Ironically, the numbers of martyrs can be high even in states that are relatively free. The vast majority of Nigeria's Christians, for example, are not persecuted at all, as they do not live in this danger zone where the Muslim extremists roam. Other countries ranked very high in the OD-WWL, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, put more intense pressure on all Christians within their borders, making it harder for them to practice their faith, yet are careful not to create martyrs, as this often leads to unwanted international publicity. E oggi, tanti ancora non fanno nulla!

[13/13] opendoorsuk . org -->Tragically, Christians die for their faith who do not count as martyrs too. The World Christian Encyclopaedia defines martyrs as, "believers in Christ who lost their lives prematurely, in situations of witness, as a result of human hostility." Yet this would not encompass the tragic death of 38 year old Rasheed Masih, a Pakistani Christian from Rawalpindi. He and his wife Martha were pressure to convert to Islam. He refused, and his wife was repeatedly raped by Muslim extremists in front of his eyes. He became so desperate he set himself on fire and died of his injuries. His act of immolation occurred in front of the police station as a protest at their inaction. Still they did nothing. And today, so many still do nothing!

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