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All these barbarous acts by the Albanian extremists have occured in the presence of UN and the International Peace Forces (KFOR), not in the time of war but of PEACE. The Serbian Orthodox Church and its Historical and Religious heritage are expose...



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Serbia is a country of particular charm and authentic people. Numerous prehistoric sites are evidence to the prosperous life from the earliest times in this region.

Serbian mountains are oasis of...

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@2628342 -- shalom + salam = love = blessings too! I am the political project of the Kingdom of Israel! Indeed, God has make did die, the her husband, the sons of Naomi because they had left their country: for refusing to purify their sins during the famine! What is the bank seigniorage? sell the money created from nothing, even with interest? is for to destroy the nations? yes, this is satanism of Rothschild, Rochefeller, etc.? this is what God wants? because the Jews do not speak of bank seigniorage? What does this mean for a jew who is faithful to Moses? because the Talmud says words so bad: against "GOIM", this can make of the Talmud, a book that explains theTorah with authority? or a most important book of the Torah? thanks for the answer!
@2628342 - two strange guys? ie, "humanumgenus" and "ShalomGerusalemme"? They are saying that, you do not want to achieve: the kingdom of Israel, because, in reality, you want to become the masters of the world, through the Illuminati: Rothschilds and Rochefeller .. but, I do not know, what to think of you .. Certainly, the fact that you never to make a video, against of the signioraggio bank? This is evident, does not induce to think well of you!
@2628342 - during: the 2012 "enlightened" with their nuclear weapons, they will "sterilize" all forms of life on the planet. so, coming out from their underground cities: as Noah, along with their Satanists: they re-colonize the planet! for to impose their only religion: that is masonic Lucifer! maybe: you will join at my political project: in fact, I'm the King of Israel, according to the Genealogy of Melchisek
@ 2628342 - great violence took place .. between our communities .. but, I am sure, without the criminal practice of usury? they would not have occurred! and you must remove the causes: all of this hatred that is generate, of the Jewish for International Monetary Fund: that involves a corporatist sinners of all Jews in this work: cynicism, racism, cruelty, plunder and predation, which operates the bank seigniorage .. In fact, Jews are very rich, and like all the rich .. were involved in the complicity of the Masonic system and plutocratic! I believe that the Illuminati are so intelligent that they are aware of going to hell, because it is not a religious practice devoid of justice! .. that can save, or a universal crime? it will never be justified with God
1/2 ANONIMUS said: Nice to please, pray for me that I have sinned much very nice please sir! -- ANSWER-
You must read the Gospel or Bible every night, this is how you you will begin to be blessed, because the Gospel is not a book: only, but instead it is the living Word(Wisdom, Verbum)of God
2/2 ANONIMUS said: But I just want to mention his name to my SF year. church when you pray for me please?! -ANSWER-- my Ministry operates on a global scale, ie, can engage an entire class of people, and bring it before the Throne of God. However, it is also a duty and an honor for me to pray for you! If I put my prayer in the my mind? This would last only a moment .. but, if I entrust at the my spirit the prayer for you? then my spirit will follow your spirit forever .. this is the law of the Kingdom of God! you follow the ways of God. and do not be discouraged by the passage of the time .. because it is in place a purification for our souls .. but I am sure of this: "Certainly, the desert will blossom like a flower field, courage, fear not: he comes to save you"