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moges720 SAID: Christianity is not a monopoly name for the evangelists. Just because you are not allowed in some country does not mean they hate Christianity. Look at the work of religious groups in countries like Angola; Ethiopia, Kenya , Evangelists have been in these countries in the name of uplifting the lives of the poor for the last 30 years and you see no change in the lives of these villagers in fact it has worsened, so what is the point of sustaining poverty in the name of Jesus??, --ANSWER-> What you said? is shit, that is so: shit, that your stench: will remain in youtube around for the next 100 years! What you said is the destruction of any notion of civilization! Indeed, this is the true face of your Satan, for you are a true Satanist evil!

La community di YouTube ha segnalato uno o più dei tuoi video come non appropriati. Quando un video viene segnalato, viene esaminato dal team di YouTube in base alle nostre Norme della community. Dall'esame è emerso che i seguenti video presentano contenuti che violano le presenti norme, pertanto sono stati disattivati: 1 Coptic Christian girl being sexually abused by muslims: attitude criminal of Sharia - (allChristianMartyrs)

Data ricezione: 18/ago/2011 | Data di convalida: 19/ago/2011 | Appealed
IN appello È DETTO: "stronzo e complice di assassini"

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This ugly history, that is, to kidnap, rape and raping Christian girls by Muslims, to destroy Christianity? Must end! but, my video of:

"" 1 Coptic Christian girl being sexually abused by muslims: attitude criminal of Sharia ""

was perfect for the introductory comments, no scenes of violence or nudity, because everything was banned: very bad definition with a video that painful! The innocent blood of Christian martyrs? is also on your hands for be you, a consistent patron of Satanists!

@ youtube SAID: "refused (inappropriate content)"-answer-> for consistency? Now you must remove all the your whores, that you have here: IMMEDIATELY! You are a coward: you have been afraid of your shareholders Muslims. but working in this way? without an objective morality? this is very unfair: for what would be the last bulwark of democracy before the police state: that it was decided to suppress the people and every constitutional right as it was already done with the bank seigniorage that was stolen from the Jew 666Rothschild and 322ConpanyBush
! ! rebukes you, Holy Spirit! !

[[[[ ★ ]]]] Rei Unius King of Israel]]

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@666Rothschild @322Bush --> ((  [[ [[[[ ★ ]]]] Rei Unius King of Israel ]] ))
I was by kill at his time: that is, at the right time!
as you do not you understand?
now? it's too late! Surrender to me? is the only way that you have, for you can save your life now!
why, I am not against sinners repent!
io ero da uccidere a suo tempo: cioè al tempo giusto! come tu non lo hai capito? ora? è troppo tardi! Arrenderti a me? è l'unico modo, che, tu hai, di poter salvare la tua vita: adesso! poiché io non sono contro i peccatori pentiti!

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tjcombo84 SAID: What are you talkin about , wand what are you responding too ??
-- ANSWER-> that jew you are?, if you do not know, what is the seigniorage banking? it is certainly rare, but possible! In fact, one my brother jew to Auswhitz, said: "Why?". In fact, he really did not know whoth is the banking seigniorage: the six-pointed star of Rothschild, which you say, falsely, of be that of David. When the Torah prevent any symbol or image? you are fake jew!... che ebreo sei tu: se non conosci cosa è il signoraggio bancario? certo è raro, ma è possibile! infatti, il mio fratello ebreo ad Auswhitz diceva: "perché?". Infatti, lui veramente non sapeva di signoraggio bancario: è la stella a sei punte di Rothschild che voi dite: mentendo, che è di Davide. Quando la Torà impedisce di fare ogni simbolo o immagine

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Synagogue Of Satan Spawns From Jekyl Island


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@666Rothschild @322Bush -->in Jesus's name: I have removed the control of youtube to the Satanists, to any Satanism, and any racism. What you see now: "if I have the power to kill you: in a supernatural way?". You have stopped being becoming invisible for to the people: to make their predation! I give you 12 days time to return to me Unius Rei, the banking seigniorage, that you have stole to all the nations, to impose on all people of the logic of the Satanism that is the NWO.
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Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus of Bethlehem, the Messiah
Holy Mary, Mother of God, made ​​man for us! Pray for all of us, that we are the sinners,
hours and at the hour of our death. Amen. hallelujah

Ave Maria, Piena di Grazia, il Signore è con te: tu sei benedetta tra tutte le donne
e benedetto è il frutto del tuo seno: Gesù di Betlemme: il Messia
SANTA Maria, madre di Dio, fatto uomo! Tu prega per tutti noi, che, noi siamo i peccatori
ora e nell'ora della nostra morte . amen . hallelujah ✞ [[ ★ ]]

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It's the same shit everyday on this channel... RELIGION, RELIGION, RELIGION! It's been going on for almost 1 year with this guy.

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RafaelMartinezVEVO said:older verse is wrong cause it has been changed by the jews god said it perfect to jesus but the jews didnt listen again--ANSWER->God is very happy about our freedom because if we're honest? Always we reject our: selfishness, greed and racism! That is, always will avoid all forms of violence and coercion to make us die in the carnal man, and to live in us: the spiritual man: for: the Kingdom of God is not a matter of religion but the fact is of: love and justice and equality Dio è molto felice della nostra libertà: poiché se siamo onesti? sempre noi rigetteremo il nostro: egoismo, avidità e razzismo! Cioè, sempre eviteremo ogni forma di violenza e coercizione: per fare morire in noi l'uomo carnale, e per fare vivere in noi: l'uomo spirituale: poiché: il Regno di Dio non è un fatto di religione: ma è un fatto di: amore e giustizia e uguaglianza

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metal or evolutionism is religion of satan

see my "EvolutionIsReligion"


1 / 3 [warning] youtube is not responsible: for all what is happening! Rather HIM as a Satanist: youtube is: another one my victim: only! In fact, my authority: does not like from youtube that: with the ITS Service: It Could save: many lives: instead, Because "God does not enjoy the destruction: of the sinner: but: that he convert and live!" in fact: also in all the world, even men who do not know youtube? can have the premonition, That, They will die: so early: in mode premature .. "This is going: to have: as an impulsive thought: All These? Actually die: so early: in mode .. why premature: they are: Considered accomplices; now have the benefits of banking seigniorage (the rich, the immoral, the selfish, the Pornographers, Politicians, journalists, etc. ...)

2 / 3 [warning], but I and the Holy Spirit only, we: we are responsible: only: for the premature death of millions of These criminals, That the State law can not identify: Since every state is criminal: ie, in violation of the Constitution: it is a criminal trend: for to buy, bankers of the jew, the your money: at interest: for 270% Of His value! That is why all nations are indebted up: for Their Destruction! Since God has Given the Sovereignty to the People: but: These men Deceived by Satan, They have Betrayed God, losing the image and likeness of God, losing: the right to reside in the Garden of Eden, and assuming the image of Satan , here's: The Why of: Sharia, communism, Zionism, Nazism, wear, Unemployment, recession, etc. ... ... why, They Their Sovereignty Transferred To The Jew: parasite moneylender: ie, bankers: enlightened: the banking of seigniorage:

3 / 3 Called "enlightened" the destroyer: of the hope of Israel: that is for the biblical monotheism destroy: for HAVING Already raised: a new Tower of Babel: i: New Age, fake evolutionism, etc. .. IMF-or New World Order. for the reduction into slavery: of the whole human race. Therefore, the 3 rd Jewish Temple and the Third World War Nuclear representative: for These criminals of Satanists, international: the final realization: of Their project: The Illuminati, are the fathers of Freemasonry and of Satanism: Are the controllers, of : at Monopoly: of each: and: every corporation: SpA, of programmers: all time, for any: holocaust: Against: my Jewish people, why, Their wealth and power, born from the destruction of all peoples.