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you can say this: to all Satanists: family in world from me! why I am UNIUS REI!

[[Against blasfemy]] God wants to humbling the Catholic Church. "heavily." (sorry, but you are something, that, God has not provided!) In fact, after 600 excommunications against Freemasonry: 1). the Church has lost its historic battle against the "synagogue of Satan" of Jewish Illuminati. They forced the Pope to every humiliation ... 2). pray for the victims of September 11: (ie, to justify) the State crime: that was done by: the CIA and MOSSAD: as everyone knows and as has stated the President Cossiga. 3). to accept the sword of vassal of the criminal King of Saudi Arabia's, mass murderer of innocent Christian martyrs and the slave trader! He who, along with everyone: Muslims "Wahhabis" are been sodomized: by 33 demons violent homosexual .why: even Muhammad, has the same treatment! 4). must consent to an act of Satanism: in the historic visit to the Synagogue of Rome: that is, a framework consisting of the numbers of the Kabbalah, which is the science luciferin: to dominate and plunder: up to the extermination of all peoples through: the banking and seigniorage his New World Order: argument, which, for me in youtube, in four years: it was impossible to discuss: with any jew: in the world! As well as no Muslim has ever condemned the Sharia and the total lack of: freedom of religion, for to have taken both: the road of the hell! In conclusion .. "In fear that it could become Pope, one of the many: bishops"heretics""modernists". . His Holiness: John Paul II, he claimed, that his best friend: His Holiness Benedict XVI become his successor! So, you can not Ossanna one, to denigrate each other: it is because of all your lies, your sacrilege .. that: "I prophesied against you: a violent death, which, however: it will be premature death, the conclusion: of this: damn your life: if you not remove: immediately, this your video: of blasphemy, which is: an insult to every man who wants to believe: himself a civilized person! " In fact, what you have done is blaspheme: against: Holy Spirit: ie, the Innocent Blood precious: of Jesus Christ. that is, the only hope of mankind! so, begone! cursed: in that flame of destruction and despair infinite prepared by God for all the demons before the foundation of our time! amen


@ youtube -> thank you for being protected; incorporated; believed in me! God bless you! Since the destruction of palestinesi: as of all Muslim Nations, which are not subservient at the Saudi Arabia ... is the mirror image: of the destruction of any and all autonomy politic: any self-determine of peoples in throughout the West: This is the destruction of Christian civilization (ie the secular heritage of democracy and universal human rights), the fossils of the past: in their agenda will continue to plant Satanism in the West: through a false civilization of tolerance and freedom of every individual: that is: the abuse of the strongest against the weakest .. Fact: in the ultimate destruction of the rule of law: to open: the human race to a system of global enslavement! so, that, in this mode: the game will be won: against the Christian idolaters!
@ youtube -> if the West Masonic secularist: it had not been so cruel and insensitive towards dell'atroce phenomenon of martyrdom of Christians? if they were been not consecrated: with such determination, at the destruction of civilization Christian ? to this conclusion? many might have come! So it will be Muhammad 1400 years: and one priest jew daemon: of 4000 years ago: that: will make the destruction of this: 3 ° WW nuclear: in the world! this is my conclusion is this: is my message / warning: final, to all give the politicians! Because, now is not more: a question of the rich that make to steal from the poor: that die suffocated by a virtual debit .. through the system of this IMF, that is absolutely criminal! but has come: finally, the moment of dying all together!
1. method: inductive and deductive reasoning: When you write an article you can see: the kind of reaction .. 2. method of listening .. 3. thesis antithesis and synthesis! After three years of study: and research: this is the end! the Fossils: of the cursed book: the synagogue of Satan, the enlightened: and Muslims "of: International Islamic" in their hatred evil: against: Christianity: they decided to do sink the all whole human race: in nuclear 3 rd World War .. with the aim: to perfect the Jews: their institutional control: already operational through the Masonic system: of the banking seigniorage: and with all organizations: linked to them .. While the King of Saudi Arabia: for consolidate: in mode universally: its political control: of all the Muslim countries
David Duke can not understand, as there is: A contract villain, among enlightened and the International Islamic (the fossils of the book) for the destruction of Christianity and Christian civilization! So: Saudi Arabia has sacrificed the Palestinians in Israel's favor .. while all the hate against Israel and the West who are always dominated: managed: from Jewish lobbies and Freemasons of seigniorage banking, is charged to the innocent Christians... [the infamous pact] between Saudi Arabia and enlightened: for the destruction of Christian civilization(democracy) and the destruction of Palestine, in this way through Freemasonry, Satanism, multinational, corporations, bank seigniorage: the enlightened jews: take control of the West, while the Saudis take control of all Muslim Nations.
Rochefeller: leaders of all the enlightened (ie: the synagogue of Satan), and the King of Saudi Arabia are in cahoots with each other: according to this agenda: both need to get the destruction of Christianity and Western civilization: 1. Rochefeller through the pornocracy: bank seigniorage: Freemasonry, Satanism, etc. .. for to consolidate the political domination over of the West .. while, the King of Saudi Arabia, wants to get the political domination of all the Muslim countries! David Duke, Can not Understand: as there is: A Contract villain cahoots, and the International Islamic, Among enlightened (all fossils of the book) for the
destruction of Christianity and Christian civilization! I know: Saudi Arabia has sacrificed the Palestinians in Israel's favor .. while all the hate Against Israel and the West who are always make: from Jewish lobbies and Freemasons of seigniorage banking, is against to the innocent Christians ...
for these comment ​​the government has forced youtube to close his page of youtube/youtube (22/10/2011)
666SeigniorageofBank (6 ore fa) Spam on youtube page
everything is very simple for me!
1. God wanted to give the Jews:(lobby enlightened of banking seigniorage) the political responsibility of the world. 2. but, everything revolves around Jesus of Bethlehem, for all flesh is judged: condemned or saved: only in reference to him! how high thou art institutions ? because the institutions do not react to the bank seigniorage? like, they may not know: the necessity for the IMF-World Order: of to do 3 ° WWnuclear ?
Eric Holder Stages Fake Saudi Israeli Embassy Terror Plot Tying Iran And The Drug Cartels Together
Da: IranContraScumDid911 | 12/Oct/2011 | 1,519 visualizzazioni
Im actually surprised Eric Holder did not tie Gadaffi, Syria, Al-Shabaab, North Korea, and bigfoot into the Hollywood story. There is so many problems with this story it is sad. Eric is really getting desparate. Mr. Fast and Furious needs to go to prison for supplying the cartels with guns and staging fake terror for real political gain. At the same time he is in trouble for supplying guns to the drug cartels and he is staging a fake trial for Obama's Flight 253 diaper hoax, Eric Holder creates a diversion with a whole new twist and purpose.
The terror plot was not foiled, it was successfiul as a tool that can be used as a pretext against Israel and Saudi Arabia's enemies. Israel and Saudi Arabia are attacking America every chance they get to reinforce their political agendas. This is why your founding fathers wanted you to remain independent, foreign nations now control our puppet government using our justice system to con us into being afraid and supporting the policies that have destroyed this country. Eric Holder is running the drug cartels and terrorism, to suit Obama's agenda.
@ Rochefeller - he is: the sovereign Lord universal: the satanic world of Babel Tower, he himself the head of all enlightened! he is: the real head of the snake! ie: the head of the New World Order, Freemasonry, Satanism: IMF, World Bank: Freemasonry: Intelligence: CIA MOSSAD: Bildenberg, trilateral: etc. .. Etc. .. the propensity of the Jews "Marranos," to pretend to convert to Christianity? is the oldest: the Middle Ages!! is a phenomenon: sad: that the Catholic Church knows very well: so ... that it was forced ... to do the court of the Holy Inquisition! these enlightened Jews of Satanists? they have no imagination! Despite all their power? they play again, to make the Jews Marranos (converted to Christianity fake)!
the time of the dictators is over, because the time is over of the slaves .. so the responsibility for power is to be shared .. according to a principle of fairness: because every man is like any other man .. In fact we are not racist as the Sharia, or as enlightened Zionists.. in reality? I do not need to threaten no one .. because I do not feel to be the enemy of someone! Also, I am extremely: more than convenient: of all, in fact, I am profitable! why pay the money at interest: by the Jews Satanists? when I can give gratis all money at all the Governments?
Commento al tuo video: Persecution BLOOD CHRISTIAN Martyrs in Saudi Arabia
rudyavelino1982 said: @MyJHWH the bible says revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.