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@depravati ==> God told an angel: "you go and hit for do fall: against all those, that have a misconduct: in respect of the sovereignty of the King of Israel lorenzojhwh Unius Rei. "here is why is: all the demons of hell all put together? they do not have one only life! you can say this: to all Satanists: family from me! why I am UNIUS REI! [[Against blasfemy]] God wants to humbling the Catholic Church. "heavily." (sorry, but you are something, that, God has not provided!) In fact, after 600 excommunications against Freemasonry: 1). the Church has lost its historic battle against the "synagogue of Satan" of Jewish Illuminati. They forced the Pope to every humiliation ... 2). pray for the victims of September 11: (ie, to justify) the State crime: that was done by: the CIA and MOSSAD: as everyone knows and as has stated the President Cossiga.3). to accept the sword of vassal of the criminal King of Saudi Arabia's, mass murderer of innocent Christian martyrs and the slave trader! He who, along with everyone: Muslims "Wahhabis" are been sodomized: by 33 demons violent homosexual .why: even Muhammad, has the same treatment! 4). must consent to an act of Satanism: in the historic visit to the Synagogue of Rome: that is, a framework consisting of the numbers of the Kabbalah, which is the science luciferin: to dominate and plunder: up to the extermination of all peoples through: the banking and seigniorage his New World Order: argument, which, for me in youtube, in four years: it was impossible to discuss: with any jew: in the world! As well as no Muslim has ever condemned the Sharia and the total lack of: freedom of religion, for to have taken both: the road of the hell! In conclusion .. "In fear that it could become Pope, one of the many: bishops"heretics""modernists".. His Holiness: John Paul II, he claimed, that his best friend: His Holiness Benedict XVI become his successor! So, you can not Ossanna one, to denigrate each other: it is because of all your lies, your sacrilege .. that: "I prophesied against you: a violent death, which, however: it will be premature death, the conclusion: of this: damn your life: if you not remove: immediately, this your video: of blasphemy, which is: an insult to every man who wants to believe: himself a civilized person! " In fact, what you have done is blaspheme: against: Holy Spirit: ie, the Innocent Blood precious: of Jesus Christ. that is, the only hope of mankind! so, begone! cursed: in that flame of destruction and despair infinite prepared by God for all the demons before the foundation of our time! amen