for these comment ​​the government has forced youtube to close his page of

for these comment ​​the government has forced youtube to close his page of youtube/youtube (22/10/2011)
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everything is very simple for me!
1. God wanted to give the Jews:(lobby enlightened of banking seigniorage) the political responsibility of the world. 2. but, everything revolves around Jesus of Bethlehem, for all flesh is judged: condemned or saved: only in reference to him! how high thou art institutions ? because the institutions do not react to the bank seigniorage? like, they may not know: the necessity for the IMF-World Order: of to do 3 ° WWnuclear ?
Eric Holder Stages Fake Saudi Israeli Embassy Terror Plot Tying Iran And The Drug Cartels Together
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Im actually surprised Eric Holder did not tie Gadaffi, Syria, Al-Shabaab, North Korea, and bigfoot into the Hollywood story. There is so many problems with this story it is sad. Eric is really getting desparate. Mr. Fast and Furious needs to go to prison for supplying the cartels with guns and staging fake terror for real political gain. At the same time he is in trouble for supplying guns to the drug cartels and he is staging a fake trial for Obama's Flight 253 diaper hoax, Eric Holder creates a diversion with a whole new twist and purpose.
The terror plot was not foiled, it was successfiul as a tool that can be used as a pretext against Israel and Saudi Arabia's enemies. Israel and Saudi Arabia are attacking America every chance they get to reinforce their political agendas. This is why your founding fathers wanted you to remain independent, foreign nations now control our puppet government using our justice system to con us into being afraid and supporting the policies that have destroyed this country. Eric Holder is running the drug cartels and terrorism, to suit Obama's agenda.
@ Rochefeller - he is: the sovereign Lord universal: the satanic world of Babel Tower, he himself the head of all enlightened! he is: the real head of the snake! ie: the head of the New World Order, Freemasonry, Satanism: IMF, World Bank: Freemasonry: Intelligence: CIA MOSSAD: Bildenberg, trilateral: etc. .. Etc. .. the propensity of the Jews "Marranos," to pretend to convert to Christianity? is the oldest: the Middle Ages!! is a phenomenon: sad: that the Catholic Church knows very well: so ... that it was forced ... to do the court of the Holy Inquisition! these enlightened Jews of Satanists? they have no imagination! Despite all their power? they play again, to make the Jews Marranos (converted to Christianity fake)!
the time of the dictators is over, because the time is over of the slaves .. so the responsibility for power is to be shared .. according to a principle of fairness: because every man is like any other man .. In fact we are not racist as the Sharia, or as enlightened Zionists.. in reality? I do not need to threaten no one .. because I do not feel to be the enemy of someone! Also, I am extremely: more than convenient: of all, in fact, I am profitable! why pay the money at interest: by the Jews Satanists? when I can give gratis all money at all the Governments?
Commento al tuo video: Persecution BLOOD CHRISTIAN Martyrs in Saudi Arabia
rudyavelino1982 said: @MyJHWH the bible says revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.


@ SKYSPLASH -> lol. no human mind can understand: Zechariah Ch. 14, because: a verse from another? spend:pass hundreds of years, but: also, the verses are placed in a disorderly manner, while, in fact, the verse (4): talks about:of the Messiah, that is for: Last Judgement, which is at the end of this story:of corruption of the mankind, well, they speak of the different dimensions of many: Paradises, until at the verse [11]. but, by the verse [12]at the verse [21]? There is talk of the next 50 years (2011 - 2061): that is, my kingdom: of the universal brotherhood: as I am: Unius Rei, who is also the King of Israel and Palestine. I am the instrument through which God will bless the world with peace and wealth. So all my enemies will be punished: so in mode frightening and supernatural, from God himself! So I will be free from all forms of violence

@ SKYSPLASH -> TOO MANY: ABUSE: have been made, by all against: all, in the past. and throw the shit between us? against each other? would be to do: a favor to Satanism: only! and Satanism? is a deadly threat! STOP! to do evil to someone, if he changes religion. As a Satanist? he does not: need to change: their religion: in fact, how many Masons are Muslims, politicians and journalists: all Masons bastards, all of them are accomplices: of little Satan (all Governments also Muslims, where are: the Masons), and accomplices, also: of the great Satan (all Muslim governments, that, are complicit: of 666Rothschild: ie, banking seigniorage: of IMF). Because, ye are not in the shit, of the synagogue of Satan, the less: of us [except for Iran and Iraq of Saddam, that will be destroyed by the IMF: that is, in the New World Order], but, all other governments Muslims ? they have betrayed God: Allah.
in many meetings at Assisi, with John PaoloII? your representatives: they swore over and over again: "Never again: to kill someone in the name of God"! Dick: guys, you have perjured himself: like animals! Because you, you have never formally protested: against Muslim governments, to have become, too: the accomplices of so much innocent blood (300 Christian martyrs murder every day). Why a Muslim who wants to become a Christian? would be destroyed: you of course! but coercion in religious matters? is very Satanism!

@SKYSPLASH --> if Muhammad has done an imperfect? do becoming of Islam that is an holy religion, at an abomination to conquer the world's: ie, in ideological abomination! Jihad, a violent coercion: Denial of right to freedom of religion, etc. .. This does not mean that Allah is not our God, ie, the God of Abraham. I love Islam Holy: in all mosques of the world!


@ IslamIsForNiggers -> go fool! You've done more damage to Satanism: of all Satanists put together:
You have shown: that: Satanists do have interest in spreading of hatred and wars in the world ... I've shown this before, but this time it was so!
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Islam will convert to take: over the world ISLAM, or burn in hell you PUNK ASS BITCH - ----ANSWER-> I know very well, the current Satanism that is in Islam: that is, the murderous Sharia ", which has converted the Islam : in an ideology, for to conquer the world, but if Islam does not become "fast":"fast":"fast": a wonderful, blessed and beneficent and tolerant religion only? Then, you'll be Satan, to laughing into the abyss of hell: for all people, that you see, you get: in mode fast for this 3°WWnuclear, and for this hatred, contempt, injustice, violence and hatred in the world today!

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@IslamIsForNiggers -> No! satan! No! I believe that, only you go to hell: infact: the whole human race has decided to follow me in the Paradise! This, in fact, is what was prophesied: my kingdom of universal brotherhood and of the Jewish Temple! You will burn, only, in your own hatred. you fry!
because the Bible says that "can not find mercy, who curses his mother!" misebile you are, the most misebile among men! This is a pitiful figure of Satan misebile and all Satanists misebile!

IslamIsForNiggers (14 minutes ago) Spam SAID HAIL SATAN 666 --ANSWER-> I am against you: in the name of Jesus: I have seen your blood flow: on the asphalt of a road: Amen, hallelujah! pax: drink your poison made ​​by yourself! I bind you: infernal beast: through the blood of Jesus blessed the foot of the Cross: of the infinite love for us: By God, that he is dead for us: for all: our sins, to save, all of us . I bind you: beast, until the terrible day in hell of destruction: for the Last Judgement: Begone Satan, in Jesus's name: Amen Hallelujah,

@SKYSPLASH --> shalom + salaam = blessings too.. perhaps we have a duty to follow the paths of death and all errors, of those who came before us? Or we can leave the controversy, the feedback on the past, disputes about, to people who already have suffered the condemnation of hell God or heaven, for be us, those who look, positively, to a solution beneficial and blessed: for all people: Why, was accursed, the capitalist owner, from the Bible, in fact, everything is God, as the property: it is not an absolute right. If we open: ourselves, at the concept that: the world: is of every man is, then: we not will: to authorize: Rothschild and: Company SpA: 322Bush, to make the predation of the entire human race.

@IslamIsForNiggers -->you are Satan, you have not been invited, in this discussion. Go away: begone satana: in Jesus's name! You are here only to spread hate, because you are the bane of mankind! Your objective is violence, because, what, that you want to achieve: it is the resentment, anger and hatred, because: You want against the love for spread hatred! He, the Holy Spirit: rebukes you Satan.. amen alleluia hallelujah
tu satana, tu non sei stato invitato, in questa discussione. Vattene: in Jesus's name! Tu sei quì, soltanto, per diffondere l'odio, poiché, tu sei la rovina del genere umano! La tua finalità è la violenza, poiché, quello, che, tu vuoi realizzare: è il risentimento, la rabbia e l'odio, poiché: tu vuoi che sia l'odio a vincere sull'amore! Rimprovera te satana: lo spirito Santo!

@ Salaam Shalom & WarriorIslamic: Yamisrael -> but, God has not raised my ministry popolitico universal: of:Mahdi, Messiah, King of Israel and Palestine, the King of all the world: how Unius Rei: if all you, will not be, in immediate danger of death through: WW nuclear 3 °, so my goal? is not to: how to insult people: 666Rothschild, 322Bush: The Jezebel II or Elizabeth II, all Freemasons and Satanists, as the criminals of the Talmud and Sharia, etc. .. Because a good and just man, like me: he does not know a criticism, only, in mode destructive, but, has clear ideas on how to build a solid hope for all. Since God is for everyone, for having given to all, with infinite love, life, and so, I also has a man in whom is no shadow of selfishness, injustice or partisanship. But if you do not submit to me? all perish in the your sins!

@Salaam: WarriorIslamic & Shalom: Yamisrael --> it is also true, that if I had to live: for 50 years, below the stated threat of having the genocide? I would be: an mad unbalanced total! But Israel is not, that, we see on television: the masters Jews of all monopolies: that they through their banking seigniorage: they have stolen, every strategic resource: the whole human race: for to make of all human race one only flock of slaves! But, if a jew wants to become a Christian? his fate? is not very different from a Muslim who wants to become a Christian! In fact, in both cases: he is regarded as: a traitor to his country: but in reality is just a wonderful person, who wants do worship to God in the best way.

WarriorIslamic said: YOU COME TO "WHO IS ALLAH" bY skysplash and lets debate there real good with many Muslims -- ANSWER->you or "skysplash," you're not man enough, to have the courage to come to me: or, before, to all world: on the page of youtube / youtube for having the courage to talk to me? I know that the six-pointed star, which is on the flag of Israel is the star of the satanic Rothschild only! I know that the Sharia is as communism, and the Talmud is as the Nazis: they are two systems of annihilation of the right of the person, that's why, Satanists Americans were able to take control of the world through the IMF -New World Order. because there can be no real Government, if there are secret societies: of rich: that: they have taken control

@ Yamisrael -> is OBVIOUS, you are better,of: "warriorIslamic" In fact, you have risked talking to me, but him has not had the courage, for have muslims their hands stained with the blood of many Christians innocent (300 Christians killed every day because of the satanic sharia). But, in the Arab-Israeli conflict: There are reasons and faults on both sides. But, I am a practical man. I do not look to the past, but, on the future of a possible peaceful coexistence among all people: that's why I believe that only the kingdom or monarchy of UniusRei: ie: (give all to all): can make Jews and Palestinians, equal before the law. It may be the solution but also for any other conflict in the world. But, while it remains the predation of the enlightened Jews: ie banking seigniorage, the lives of all us, remain in serious and immediate danger of death

@ zxcvbnm0987654321 -> that pig of youtube has deleted my video, that it documented: of the kidnapping, that Muslims are against: of Christian girls: to force, under torture, to marry a Muslim to destroy the religious minorities, where there was nothing bad to see. .. while all these prostitutes? go well for him

computer is only an instrument, Is that the problem 666Rothschild, 322Busk, Queen Elizabeth II, have the control: In The Name Of Satan. Every lie is a threat to mankind, I have not met liars in the Kingdom of God, all liars will burn in the fire. I know this story, I've already seen once. Noah's ark before costruisse, it is God who has control in fact the intelligent? know to stop in time! but stupid? go ahead and die! I can go! I go! really? I do not need to spam, like you, i am the Metaphysical. you are, timing, compartment. temporal, mortal
Oh no, I are not like you

@ MetalReigns2 -> coward: you did: against me, of the unsubstantiated claims! you have moved of the charges by you, without arguing or demonstration. but, without proof? your lies? become insults and slander! If your liver can withstand a public contest, before all the world? You can always challenge me on the page of youtube / youtube, so everyone can judge if your reasons have a foundation!

@enlightened, all Governments -> In Jesus's name: I have taken spiritually and culturally: the control of youtube, Why, all my enemy: have lost the hope of being able to contend against me: publicly: on this page. On the supernatural plane, I has trampled all demons of hell, and I have humiliated all Satanists youtube. On a cultural level, I am the metaphysics of natural law that is, universal brotherhood, that is: the only successful cultural project: for to build, with absolute dignity: the Jewish Temple: and open a new "era" of peace and prosperity for all mankind. Your every further delay? will be interpreted, of the my universal kingship and my universal sovereignty: as a hostile act! Now, from the political point of view, there are no obstacles for realizable the Kingdom of Unius Rei, as long as someone does not believe that, for him, the experience of the 3 rd WWnuclear, is more convenient
@Illuminati, @666Rothschild, @ 322Bush, @Queen ElisabettaII -> [INTRODUCTION]: God NOT has given me the mandate, to insult you, more than that, which is closely INDISPENZABILE! I am not an executioner, an avenger or a revolutionary, indeed, I am the consolidation of the legally constituted powers: about, what, the Constitution says: Therefore, I must destroy the system of occult power, which the bankING seigniorage created, ie, all the secret societies, because you and all mankind, can avoid the 3 rd WWnuclear. My goal is to take the lives of everyone, from the domination of Satan, to put everyone under the rule of God, that, for an atheist is THE equivalent to the concept of reasonableness and constitutional legality. ie, the natural law: that the Creator has put in every creature, and IN all positive religions: IE, Metaphysics humanistic personalistIc. There is NOT: a FIGHT against political or religious or ideological systems