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KingxKingdom (1 secondo fa)
Myownpickle said: Hey there! Fantastic channel, good to see some: mirrors: of the Duke movies, in case: they get taken down: by YouTube, again. I do have, a question, though.. Why, are you anti National Socialism? Thanks!<3 Ari --answer->No! I am not against a form of government or: of Religion, because I am unius Rei: that is, the universal brotherhood! that is, the rational natural law: "do good and avoid evil." That I am the first and last political universal. After me, between 300 years, the Antichrist will fail, for attempt to avail of the my success, because, I love and compassion, but he is only a Satanist as Zapatero
KingxKingdom (23 minuti fa)
Commento al tuo video OF kingxkingdom that youtube have clouse this page: Persecution Christian martyrs Bangladesh
anambd1971 SAID: muslim killing hindus in BD nd pakistan,Hindus killing muslim in India, Jews Killing muslims in palestine, christians killing muslims in afghan nd iraq.... May almighty GOD save us. -ANSWER--> NO! there are no Christians and Jews at war, are only the Zionists,of Rothschild, that have IMF-World Order, that claim to pretend to be Christians, Jew. In fact, if in the world, there is only one religion, which had not been corrupted? So, could not exist even the banking seigniorage, which is the ideological and practical Satanism. NO! non esistono cristiani ed ebrei in guerra, sono soltanto i sionisti di Rothschild, cioè il FMI-NWO, che, pretendono di essere cristiani. In realtà, se nel mondo, esistesse una sola religione, che non fosse stata corrotta? Allora, non avrebbe potuto esistere anche il signoraggio bancario, che è il satanismo ideologico e pratico
Valdez1001Edwin (1 sett. fa)
bots lo duke ame; :)
cCcpicaldicCc (2 sett. fa)
everybody just watch economic hitman and see how israelis raise to power - this is why everybody hates you! stop trying control the world and work on your own criminal empire - change yourselves and other will change to you!
KingxKingdom (2 sett. fa)
@ YHWH -> if the animals recognize your glory? because many men are incapable of? because the IMF: banking of seigniorage: +322+666, ie, New World Order, and the power of Satanism! ie, the synagogue of Satan, these Jewish bankers: they brought down the human race, for a domain that is shorter, the domain more pervert, that, animals, too, scientific research, through the scam: an ideological crime, the eternal theory of evolution: are become animal too! why speak ill of Satanists: anyway? 1. when they are defeated? admitting they know! 2. also the Satanist youtube? he also knows how to suffer in silence! but, to me, it is suspected that the Satanists are also masochists! I am Jew King of Palestine!
KingxKingdom (2 sett. fa)
@ SuperLion911 : (17 : ساعات الماضى) : --> لك! الكويت أخي : أنا أكره : عميق : العنف : والله قال إنه سوف يكون لي أبدا : الحاجة، لتكون عنيفة... ولكن ، على الرغم من : يجب أن تكون : ضروري؟ أنا لا الإضراب : القتل ، من أي وقت مضى، واحدة رجل بريء في أي مكان في العالم!
KingxKingdom (2 sett. fa)
@ lCEgov -> where you were: son of a snake. when: Jewish bankers have robbed the people of America: of its democracy (real) and its monetary sovereignty(banking seigniorage of IMF: privatized: S.p.A.)? When the contempt of the Constitution was made to introduce, any form, of Freemasonry and of Satanism: where were you? Now, I command you, at the cost of your life: to put an immediate remedy to this crime of lese-majesty of the American people!
@ YHWH -> you has wanted to do of me, your Unius Rei, so my jurisdiction dominates the entire planet! I order in the name of Jesus, that all predators in any form: must to be heavily damaged and killed! Glory to God forever: hallelujah
KingxKingdom (2 sett. fa)
@Muslims-> all Muslims, that we have, in the West? are all good people! is why, all governments Islamic states: are criminals! of rapes are committed: in the name of Allah, (rapes religious), against Christian girls, who are kidnapped, raped, and of course forced: to marry a Muslim, (youtube has deleted: my video: [[account Warnings: 1]] .. but , was only to be: an accomplice: of Satanists Muslims, in fact, Satanists help each of them: each and all: against the Christians), with the complicity: of the police, because the boy Christian can not marry a Muslim girl? here is that Christianity: is doomed to extinction! If all Muslim governments, do not give a true: freedom of religion? Then, the war against them? will be inevitable!(as it has always been in the past) Because their system: is actually a form of Satanism
KingxKingdom (2 sett. fa)
@FacebookSniper9 I love Islam and Muslims, my best friend? is of Kuwait, is a Muslim! but, can not exist, a State Muslims for true freedom of religion. In fact, in this context, the worst men, are favorites .. It may, in Morocco, a Christian become the chief of police? Italy in a Muslim: he could!
KingxKingdom 1 secondo fa

@Ur2ez4me81 io amo l'Islam e i musulmani,il mio migliore amico? è un musulmano del Kuwait! ma, non può esistere, una religione di Stato, e la mancanza di vera libertà di religione. infatti, in questo contesto, i peggiori uomini sono favoriti.. Può in Marocco, un cristiano diventare il capo della polizia? in Italia un musulmano: lui potrebbe!
KingxKingdom (3 sett. fa)
@ To All ---> having put all the weight (all sins), on the Cross of Jesus Christ? now, God no longer has a problem with your sin! now, So it does not matter, what, you did ... or, you could do!
but it is essential that you confess that as the world, is a liar, and God in everything, that God did write in the Bible? is all true and right! What you are doing well: all sad and alone? Courage! Come along with me: in the Kingdom of God! gioia amore love joy love joy love joy love joy
halleluiah! lol.! amen
KingxKingdom (3 sett. fa)
FacebookSniper9 @ ---> @ is true what you say, but this too is true: also! because there is, true freedom of religion, in any Muslim nation? So something must be Satan, in the structural arrangements: in the Qur'an itself, in fact, killing 300 Christians, every day ... this innocent blood, has now stained your hands: for youself, for be you a pacifist unconscious: and hypocritical.
If I pull this conclusion: it is to win, on time is 666Rothschild, that 322Bush: the warlords and the Bank seigniorage, ie, the current owners of the world
KingxKingdom (3 sett. fa)
be of Satan, to do sex? But the gains of Satan is your doom of destruction! to be of Satan, for to do a bit of sex? this is too stupid, because God understands our weakness and forgive! What you do: alone and sad: he enters with me in the Kingdom of God

essere di satana, per poter fare il sesso? Ma il guadagno di satana è la tua :distruzione! essere di Satana per un po di sesso? questo è troppo stupido, poiché Dio comprende la nostra debolezza e perdona! Che fai tu: tutto solo e triste: entrà ache tu, insieme a me nel Regno di Dio
KingxKingdom (3 sett. fa)
Commento al tuo video: 6 Do Jews Control the Media David Duke
FacebookSniper9 SAID: @KingxKingdom I respect david , I don't know if the uploader here is david or a supporter who copies his videos and share them , thank you for that by the way , but mohamed is not an anti christ . If you have a problem with muslims and their actions , then deal with them , not with islam , because humans are humans , and they can do wrong things , misunderstandings happens , specially in religions , I invite you to know about islam from the most tolerant muslims preachers around you, not taliban --ANSWER-> è vero quello che tu dici: ma anche questo è vero! poiché non c'è la libertà di religione, in nessuna nazione musulmana? allora, qualcosa di satanico deve essere strutturale al Corano, infatti, loro uccidono 300 cristiani, ogni giorno... questo sangue innocente: ora ha macchiato anche le tue mani: per essere tu in pacifista ipocrita.
ShalomGerusalemme (3 sett. fa)
YouTube blocked on this page permanently on my @ KINGXKINGDOM, he: is the metaphysical King of Israel -> the JUSTICE and the TRUTH: they represent: the infinite attributes of God from these is born: the equality of men: that is the "universal brotherhood": ie: the ideals: transcendent, absolute, universal, ie, very humanizing. here's why the American Satanists have patented life forms! In addition, Zionists and Muslims are intolerant, that is racist, and criminals, they are Satanism: real! I'm not superhuman, I am only human, which is why I am "divine", that is one of many child of God. However, the metaphysical: of lorenzojhwh, the King of Israel, UniusRei? is only a prototype, that is, a MODEL: by to imitate ... and replicate! because I've become: the incarnation in human form, of the all values ​​of "universal": justice and truth, which is why, on the Day of Judgement: the men and women like me? ... will judge the peoples!
KingxKingdom (3 sett. fa)
youtube have blok: my @KINGXKINGDOM è il metafisico Re di Israele- la: GIUSTIZIA e la VERITÀ: rappresentano gli infiniti attributi di Dio. da questi nasce: la uguaglianza tra gli uomini: cioè la "FRATELLANZA UNIVERSALE" ovvero: gli ideali universali, ecco perché: sionisti e musulmani, come razzisti, loro sono nel satanismo: reale! Io non sono sovrumano: io sono soltanto umano: ecco perché io sono soltanto: "divino", cioè figlio di Dio.. il METAFISICO: lorenzojhwh, il Re di Israele, UniusRei? è soltanto un prototipo, cioè, un modello da imitare... e replicare! perché io sono diventato: la incarnazione umana, dei valori "UNIVERSALI" di: giustizia e verità: ecco perché, nel giorno del giudizio universale: gli uomini e le donne come me... giudicheranno i popoli!
mrUniversalMetaphysc (3 sett. fa)
DO NOT WANT MY Government: Unius REi, on a world ravaged by 3 ° wwNUCLEAR!
watchtower? questo? è uno dei tanti casi di fede passiva
Watchtower? this? is one of many cases of passive faith
Watchtower? cela? est l'un des nombreux cas de foi passive
Сторожевая Башня? это? это один из многих случаев пассивной веры
Gözetleme Kulesi? bu? pasif inanç birçok durumda biridir
Atalaya? esto? es uno de los muchos casos de la fe pasiva
---CONCLUSIONE --> Why, no one religion and no one Govern speak of seigniorage banking?
here why. we all will die: very soon
KingxKingdom (4 sett. fa)
@TheodorHezrl ---> buon lavoro amico mio! Tu sei un grande! se io sostengo te? tu sei forte! la stella a sei punte: di due trinagoli equilateri? lol. ma è il satanismo di 666Rothscild, non è mai stata, la stella di Davide.. e lo dice anche wikipedia! è scritto nella Bibbia, che, tutti i popoli: saliranno a Gerusalemme, nella Casa di Dio, ma nessuno, verrebbe mai, in un Israele di sionisti: razzisti del talmud ed assassini sterminatori! come è oggi... Israele è così civile? .. lol. perché non riesce a civilizzare i palestinesi: allora? ma satana del signoraggio bancario, del FMI-NWO? lui dovrebbe prima civilizzare se stesso!
KingxKingdom (1 mese fa)
@XXXXThemessiahx -->You are 666satanaRothscild of bank seigniorage and 322Bush ... you are the Freemasonry that has usurped the institutions ... parasite, you do not have an inheritance in the hope of Israel

tu sei 666satanaRothscild del signoraggio bancario e 322Bush... tu sei la massoneria che ha usurpato le istituzioni ... parassita, tu non hai una eredità nella speranza di Israele
v begone satana: in Jesus's name ... drink your poison made by yourself
XXXXThemessiahx (1 mese fa)
Your madness only shows that you are against Jews the chosen people chosen by Adonai Israel the holy land. Have you no shame on your flaws and insanity?
TheodorHezrl (1 mese fa)