hydrogen in my intercooled turbo diesel

hydrogen in my intercooled turbo diesel

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nah better try plate cells and make sure your cells doesnt suck too much amps it will raise idling rpms!, using baking soda will release toxic gas! so dont inhale it.... . im still using wires coz i dont have tools to build a proper plate cell. dont purchase from water4gas download it on mininova or other p2p but please dont believe most of that e book. i just wanted the schematics for the cell hehehehe :)
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  • @CanJ0n nope its on the RIGHT side hehehe
  • I'm a little baffled by your claims.
    I'm experimenting with this myself with a Hilux diesel. My old cell produced 3/4 litres per minute which I suspect is a little more than your little unit but certainly not enough yet for me to notice any difference.
    Are you sure your computer isn't simply messing up?
  • might be my computer.... well ummm try taking the unit off for a few weeks and put it back again, if nothing happens then take it off, oh yeah i use 3 cells in a series circuit now i threw the one this video coz it gets too hot
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  • So exactly how are you telling the ECU to inject less diesel in proportion to the amount of gas being injected and how are you telling the MAF and o2 sensors not to report errors? I only ask as a lot of sites make wild claims, sell people rubbish and the victims of the scammers will often not admit they were conned. This will make NO DIFFERENCE to your fuel consumption. It could INCREASE it due to extra load on the alternator, but it really does nothing, so you were conned! Learn about engines
  • LOL!!! he showed his entire car details.... i could basically own your car with a few this and thats..
  • only thing I would say I you should in stall a trap or bubbler,to keep solution from going into you intake and flashback from going back to your HHO generator
  • man, that car is expensive!!!
  • Nice clean truck
  • Listen to cipriantimbal!!! Zero knows his stuff!!!