HHO mod to 93 chevy

HHO mod to 93 chevy

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hydrogen fuel cell added to 93 chevy truck. this engine is still running on gas...just using less of it.
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  • Did you verify that this makes your car more efficient by checking the idle rpm before and after the installation? Electrolysis requires a lot of energy. The electrodes become a heating element after a while, boiling the water instead of splitting the atoms; This makes it rather inefficient. Where does the current for your electrolysis mechanism come from? I suggest reclaiming the heat from your exhaust to generate that voltage.
  • @p00pindas00p hey thanks for the feedback. i really like the thermo electric exhaust idea, i've heard of european car manufactures doing that already to avoid installing an alternator on thier vehicles....also i would like to mention in response that if you use a very low amount of electrolytes (baking soda) in the water mixture, the heat buildup is almost non existent, being that it won't allow the amps to rise to a point that would cause heat IMO. hope that helps
  • @p00pindas00p " Electrolysis requires a lot of energy" you can control and/or gauge how much energy is being used during electrolysis by the amount of electrolytes the water contains. using less baking soda will decrease amps, and the opposite when you add more baking soda the amps will increase... as a rule of thumb i use an 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda per gallon of water for my mixture.
  • Do the Negative and Positive leads in the HHO generator ever touch? Or are the sitting a mere space from one another to create the hydrogen?
  • No,the pos and neg never touch, closer you can get them with out touching is best.
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  • @hydropowertube G'day. Nice clip. Um, these HHO units suffer because step-up belted Auto Alt. is just 2-3% Fuel Efficient. So, ya burn petrol enuf for 44 watts Torque at crankshaft to drive belt, to spin enuf Current to Electrolyse enuf HHO to burn in the motor, & crank out 1 watt of Torque... But, the combustion temp is better. Search 'sunfoil' & view the 'Short-Talk' clip first. A Streamlined PV saves 5-25 Litres/week.! Solar-HHO, try that then.
  • Nice set up you have. Well done.
  • id realy like if someone could tell me how or where to find the info to chang my 440 dodge in my motor home in to this HHO gas running ride? hit me up at TopDog1488 at ya hoo ty
  • @mstrgitr I would love to see that do you have any pics or videos
  • This is pretty cool , I have lots of questions. What do they say when you get you emissions done every year, did you have to have a mechanic install the setup or did you do it from home, I have seen some videos on youtube where the setup or containers explode is this dangerous, where do you get HHO or do you make it with water & baking soda?
    See my video on man in AZ that started installing the Hydro fuel in cars
    looks like he used a glass mason jar, He sayed he gets over 30 MPG
  • Furthermore, that voltage would best be fed straight back into your alternator rather than into electrolysis. I suppose electrolysis from the remaining heat when the car is turned off might work, but it won't provide significant gains.
  • can someone please explain all this to me, dont know much about this subject and im sure someones gonna put me straight.... if someone called stan meyers create a car that ran 100% off water in 70s then why nearly 40 years later are people still struggling with this idea and only getting 20-40% effeciancy rates out of this ???????????