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Mythbusters may have not busted this one.

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I made this Video when I was fifteen. Now with almost a half million views my little argument does have strong merit. Gas and oil will only last humanity about a half century. After then we will need a more abundant source of energy. I urge all of you who watch my video take this matter seriously.
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  • Mythbusters proved they are run by corporate America, for god sakes, even guys on youtube in their garage made more hydrogen then those two big oil sellouts.
  • This is dissapointing. Why did they only go half way? It's like that McGuyver show - he always did some details wrong or only half way so that nobody could replicate his 'inventions' But I wouldn't expect something like that from Mythbusters. By doing it wrong they destroyed their credibility. They should know better!
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  • Well the ppl that are harping abouth nwo and mythbusters might wany to know THEY FORGOT THE ELECTROLYTE.. so they made a mistake big deal... they rectifier it by PROVING a combustion engine runs on HYDROGEN.
    GET OVER IT. Like you think everyone on the planet should clue in water is a resister...
  • @NICDOE819 Too say the gov has the patents....is like a music company has the copyrights to its music......These facts didn't stop one thing.......mp3s are downloaded all day every. So, if it worked from a little to a lot it would be downloaded more than music!
  • Mythbusters are NWO traitors.
  • Hybriding HHO, or electrolytic generators well I remain skeptical cause I have seen some creative stuff, and some very very crude stuff. The science is there, google Treadwell Corperation, the govt has owned the patents for a long time. Also the Honda clarity is just innoventive.
  • They should have added baking soda to there fuel cell! Knowing that the hydrogen cylinder worked! An experiment to try is, get a small empty cylinder and make two fittings on the tank instead of one. Fitting one will be hooking the hydrogen cell. Fitting number two will have a valve and a out hose going to the carb of the motor. What I have just explained is the hho cell in conjunction to a empty cylinder(tank) hooked together. The cell generates the hydrogen and fills the cylinder full. My Idea
  • I think it would be easy to make a great show that busts the Mythbusters. I would watch that show. [Oh, I just did!] I guess there is a reason those two are not working at their day jobs! I would not hire them for any special effects, save maybe to make people laugh. I guess they are entertaining [sorry to say]. Kinda like an irritating commercial, they do sell even when I switch channels.
  • @Phantasm911
    I've not seen a credible proven "hydrogen on the fly" engine yet.. if you know of one let me know cause that would basically put a end to our energy needs.
    Like I said.. who? when? where? and how? has it been done?
  • @opisex That principle is not true. It is dependent on methods, materials and efficiency.
  • there are cars that run on hydrogen in the US but they are fairly expensive and the tech is nt perfected ( hydrogen powered super car) but jst lyk development of original cars it will take years B4 wer ar dependant on hydrogen
  • Mythbusters >> BUSTED
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